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Citadel Instant Banking Casinos

3 casinos offering Citadel Instant Banking
Citadel, officially called Citadel Commerce Corp., is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded Canada based company Paramount Commerce, the same financial services providing platform that also owns InstaDebit. With offices on Malta, in Las Vegas and in the UK, Citadel is controlled and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and offers its services to customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Read all about this reputed payment method below

What is Citadel?

Citadel, founded in 2000, is also known as ‘Instant Banking by Citadel’ which immediately reveals what kind of online payment system the provider offers. Citadel uses the own local (and trusted) internet banking environment of the customer by supporting the world’s biggest network of 200 banks divided over (at this moment of writing) more than 33 countries.

The customer has 3 options to choose from to make a payment by Citadel:

  • Via a ‘payment assistant’ application that has to be downloaded by the customer and that will guide the customer along the payment procedure with the own internet banking account;
  • Via a Citadel webpage that generates an automated payment procedure in conjunction with the customer’s internet banking account;
  • Via the ‘Rapid’ system that provides the customer with a reference number and by which the transfer can be ‘manually’ made with the customer’s own online banking solution.

So in all cases the customer ends up using the own internet banking account and in all cases the bank transfers are carried out virtually instantly. The procedure to carry out a Citadel payment, after opting for the service on the payment page of a website of course, can be as simple as fulfilling the following steps:

  1. Choose your bank;
  2. Login to your online bank account (with UserID and password);
  3. Confirm your payment.

There’s no need to subscribe to the service and neither any personal or financial data about the customer is stored by Citadel during the transactions, nor is any of such information revealed to the recipient of a payment. The service complies with the highest standards in terms of banking safety and security and offers its users complete anonymity.

Citadel doesn’t charge any service fees to its users, however, it’s possible the used bank charges the customer a fee for the internet bank transfer.

Paying with Citadel in an Online Casino

When Citadel Instant Banking is available in an online casino making a deposit is just a matter of minutes.

Choose for Citadel in the ‘Instant Banking’ submenu on the payment page of the casino. Follow the instructions, depending on which one of the three Citadel forms of payment procedure the casino uses (in some casino more than one procedure can be chosen). After finishing the required steps the deposit will be visible on the casino account within minutes and is ready to be played with.


Can Players Top Up E-Wallets Or Prepaid Cards With Credit Cards And Play At UK-Licensed Online Casinos?

As of April 2020, The United Kingdom Gambling Commission banned all UK-licensed online casinos from accepting credit cards as a payment method. This means no credit cards can be used to deposit or withdraw at any casino with a UK license. This also means casinos shouldn’t accept money from e-wallets or prepaid debit cards with funds that originated from a credit card. The use of debit cards is completely unaffected by this ban.

Withdrawing with Citadel in an Online Casino

Although it’s possible to make withdrawals with Citadel Instant Banking in an online casino it’s wise to consult the helpdesk of the casino where you want to use this banking option if cash outs really can be made using the method.
Withdrawals made with Citadel are typically non-instant and fees may be charged.

Advantages of Using Citadel

The most important advantages of Instant Banking by Citadel as an online casino banking option are:

  • The Citadel payments are completed virtually instantly
  • Payments made with Citadel are completely safe and secure as the highest standards and measures of banking security are applied
  • As no confidential or sensitive information about the depositor is revealed to the online casino the payments are anonymous and therefore safe and secure
  • Citadel doesn’t charge any fees for the use of its service
  • There’s no need to register to the Citadel service to be able to use it

Disadvantages of Using Citadel

The disadvantages of using Citadel as a banking method are:

  • Not available in ALL countries and not available for ALL internet banking accounts at ALL banks worldwide;
  • Banks might charge a fee to use their internet banking interface to make payments with Citadel;
  • Citadel might not e available as a withdrawal option in an online casino.

Where to Pay with Citadel?

If your internet banking is compatible with the Citadel Instant Banking payment method it might be worthwhile to consider the service as a preferred online casino payment method. In the list on this page you can find a few of our top Citadel online Casinos who offer this payment option alongside your favourite NetEnt titles.

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