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EntroPay Casinos

15 casinos offering EntroPay
EntroPay is a former online payment service that used the Visa network by means of their EntroPay Virtual Visa card. It was a debit card that needed to be uploaded with funds before it could be used to make an online purchase or a deposit in an online casino. The EntroPay Virtual Visa could be used for payments on the internet everywhere Visa payments were accepted. Entropay was closed in 2019 due to Visa not extending its licensing in Europe for gaming.

What Was EntroPay?

EntroPay was a virtual debit card that used the Visa network for online payments that closed down in 2019. The service presented its payment method as a “Virtual Visa” and was owned by Ixaris Systems Ltd., a London, England based company and as such was licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and thus subject to the FCA’s strict rules and regulations regarding provision of payment services.

What EntroPay did was basically provide Virtual Visa cards, issued by the Anglo-Maltese Bank of Valletta, with which online payments could be effectuated and purchases made anywhere on the internet where Visa was accepted. This meant holders of an EntroPay Virtual Visa card could make payments at millions of web-shops and online merchants (under which also online casinos) as EntroPay uses the Visa (credit card) network.

However, the EntroPay Virtual Visa was not a credit card but a (pre-paid) debit card that had to be funded by another source that can be another debit/credit card or a conventional bank account.

Paying with EntroPay in an Online Casino

Depositing money on an online casino account with EntroPay Virtual Visa worked exactly the same as with a normal debit or credit card.
On the payment page of the casino you just needed to opt for EntroPay. Subsequently, a form would appear on which the amount to deposit had to be filled in, the name of the cardholder, the Virtual Visa card number, the card’s validity date and the 3 digit CVC / CVV-code. After confirming the details of the transaction the deposited amount would be immediately available on the casino account.

Withdrawing with EntroPay in an Online Casino

Just as easy as it was to make a deposit with the EntroPay Virtual Visa, just as easy it was to make a withdrawal from the casino account. All you had to do was visit the cash out page in the casino, choose EntroPay as the withdrawal method, fill in the amount to withdraw and all other information required and your money was be credited back to your EntroPay account.

Prior Advantages of Using EntroPay

  • One of the advantages of using EntroPay Virtual Visa was that it allowed players to instantly, anonymously, and safely deposit money on their casino accounts in the commonly used currencies USD, EUR and GBP.
  • Another advantage was that the EntroPay Virtual Visa was a debit card and therefore the risk of spending too much (and creating debts) was lesser than when using a credit card to make casino account deposits.
  • Lastly, an EntroPay Virtual Visa wasvery easy to obtain: you just entered the EntroPay website, created an account and the Virtual Visa was issued immediately.

Prior Disadvantages of Using EntroPay

  • The biggest disadvantage of using EntroPay was that, although casino deposits are (normally) free of charge, a fee of 4,95% was calculated to load the Virtual Visa with funds by a debit or credit card and a fee of 3,95% when the EntroPay account was funded by a personal bank account.
  • Also for withdrawals (funding by third parties, in this case the casino) a percentage of 1,95% was calculated.

Where To Pay With EntroPay?

Depositing and cashing out using EntroPay was supported by many NetEnt Casinos, which you can see above, but this payment method is no longer available.