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Euteller Casinos

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Euteller is the number 1 direct online banking service provider of Finland. The company allows players that have an online bank account at one of the 8 Finnish banks that are connected to the Euteller service to make online payments by using their own online banking account. The payments are carried out instantly and the Euteller service is anonymously and completely safe and secure. This makes Euteller one of the best options for Finnish players to fund their online casino accounts with

What is Euteller?

Euteller is a Finnish online payment service provider, founded in 2007 as a privately held company and for its financial online transactions authorized and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA). What Sofort Ûberweisung is for Germany, so is Euteller the number 1 online payment service for Finland, allowing Finnish residents making payments on internet directly from their online bank account.

All 8 major banks active in Finland, being Nordea, S-Pankki, Aktia, Handelsbanken, Danske Bank, Lâhitapiola, Sampo Bank and Bank of Åland are served by Euteller and the company therefore has a potential clientele of some 3 million users.

The service Euteller provides is basically intermediating between the clients of above mentioned banks with an online banking account and online web-shops or merchants (under which also online casinos). It allows the users of their service to make completely anonymous (as no personal or financial information is disclosed to the recipients of the deposits) and secure payments from their online banking account directly to a web-shop or other internet enterprise.

There`s no need to register at Euteller to use their payment service. By simply opting to use the service when making an online payment and choosing their bank of choice connected to the Euteller network a depositor is then re-directed to his or her own trusted bank to validate the online payment.

Euteller can also be used to fund other debit or credit cards.

Paying with Euteller in an Online Casino

To make a deposit on an online casino account is much the same as already described above. On the deposit page of the casino choose Euteller as payment method. Then choose the bank you want to use after which you`ll be re-directed to your own online bank account. After completing the procedure to make an online payment the deposit will be processed immediately by Euteller and the deposited amount is instantly available on your casino account.

Most online casinos don`t charge a fee to make a deposit, however, Euteller charges 1,95% for making an online payment from your own bank account by using their service.

Minimum and maximum limits on deposits vary from one online casino to the other.


Can Players Top Up E-Wallets Or Prepaid Cards With Credit Cards And Play At UK-Licensed Online Casinos?

As of April 2020, The United Kingdom Gambling Commission banned all UK-licensed online casinos from accepting credit cards as a payment method. This means no credit cards can be used to deposit or withdraw at any casino with a UK license. This also means casinos shouldn’t accept money from e-wallets or prepaid debit cards with funds that originated from a credit card. The use of debit cards is completely unaffected by this ban.

Withdrawing with Euteller in an Online Casino

Withdrawals from your casino account to your regular bank account by using Euteller isn`t possible. To withdraw funds after having deposited by using their service a regular bank transfer is required.

Advantages of Using Euteller

There are many advantages of using the Euteller payment service:

  • Euteller payments are safe, anonymously and instantly effectuated.
  • Another advantage is that no registration whatsoever is required to make online payments by the service. Just by opting to use the Euteller service in an online casino, deposits can be made (as long as the customer is a client at one of the banks connected to the Euteller service)
  • Lastly, Euteller can also be used to upload funds to other debit or credit cards. This might come in handy as with Euteller no casino account withdrawals can be made. So by funding another deposit method with Euteller directly from your own bank account (and subsequently use the other deposit method to make a casino account payment) you will always be sure any winnings can immediately be cashed out.

Disadvantages of Using Euteller

  • The main disadvantage of using Euteller is that no withdrawals can be made by using this deposit method. Also, the fee Euteller charges can be an obstacle to use it as a deposit method.
  • Furthermore, the use of Euteller is only available for players that have an online banking account at one of the 8 Finnish banks that are connected to the Euteller service.

Where to Pay with Euteller?

As a deposit method, Euteller is supported by various NetEnt Casinos that are listed in our guide. To see which casinos allow deposits made by the Euteller service you can have a look at this page.

If you`re from Finland and you have a bank account at one of the supported banks Euteller might be a very good option to make deposits on an online casino account.