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As technology advances, making payments online becomes easier by the day. Today, online casino players have a sea of banking options to choose from, including iDEAL. Making iDEAL casino payments can save you a lot of time, as it functions as an ‘enhanced bank transfer’. Read our guide if you're thinking about making an iDEAL payment at an online casino or want to know more about this payment method.

About iDEAL


iDEAL is an online banking-based e-commerce payment method used in the Netherlands. This payment mechanism, introduced in 2005, allows users to make online purchases utilising direct internet payments from their bank accounts. Owned by Currence, the organisation’s four-corner payment concept creates a SEPA credit transfer on the customer’s behalf.


To help expand its customer base, iDEAL teamed up with several Dutch banks, notably ING and Friesland. By 2011, iDEAL had reached approximately 100 million transactions per year, accounting for 54% of all Dutch e-commerce transactions in 2015, significantly outnumbering credit cards and other well-known internet payment channels.


Since the platform’s launch, the owners have capitalised on their success by expanding iDEAL’s capabilities. As an example, the service has become more mobile-friendly, allowing customers to make payment requests to another user via email or WhatsApp. Users can also keep track of their spending with the iDEAL mobile app, which is compatible with apps like Tikkie, a famous payment service comparable to Venmo and Bizum. At the end of 2020, the company’s infrastructure was updated entirely, referred to as iDEAL 2.0, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Rather than being pushed out by competitors, iDEAL has thrived and is now a viable choice for online purchases from web-based merchants and casino platforms in over 60 other countries.


Online casinos that accept iDEAL


The world of online gaming is becoming more popular by the day. As such, online casinos are constantly on the lookout for the best way to stay on top of their game and beat the competition. This is certainly a positive development for players, as it allows them to have a wide selection of platforms from which to choose. Most of these online casinos are compatible with mobile and desktop platforms. However, nothing beats being able to play at a casino that offers the best options for banking and allows you to perform transactions with ease.


You can easily find an excellent online casino that uses iDEAL, and such platforms are usually very safe to deposit at. Also, the transaction speed at casinos where iDEAL is an accepted payment method is commendable – an advantage for punters looking to make payments and start playing quickly.


How to deposit with iDEAL at a casino


iDEAL casino deposits are simple to make. If you are looking to adopt iDEAL as your preferred method of making casino deposits, only a few simple steps are required. Notably, casino deposits with iDEAL are almost instantaneous, depending on the balance of your bank account. Therefore, you’re required to have enough funds to cover your payment before you begin.


How to make an online casino payment using iDEAL


iDEAL integrates itself with many of the Netherland’s top banking providers. iDEAL requires no account registration. As such, making a payment at a casino is as simple as navigating to the site’s ‘cashier’ section. Next, select iDEAL as your desired payment method. Once two-factor authentication is complete, you will then be prompted to enter the amount you wish to deposit. Once submitted, funds will swiftly be transferred.


Setting up a new iDEAL account


For consumers and personal users, iDEAL doesn’t require account registration. Payments can be made using the iDEAL banking app or online at the destination site. Essentially, iDEAL allows users to perform a direct transfer of funds from their bank account via the site’s payment button, QR code or payment link.


Making a deposit at an iDEAL online casino


The iDEAL logo is usually displayed on the homepage of online casinos that accept iDEAL as a payment method. If this logo is present, you’ll be able to make your deposit at your chosen casino. If you’ve never used this form of internet banking previously, the steps below will lead you through the process:


  1. A pop-up window will be displayed on your screen once you’ve navigated to your preferred online casino’s iDEAL payment page.
  2. When it appears, go ahead and choose your bank.
  3. Following this will lead you to your own bank’s login page, where you are prompted to input your financial information.
  4. Follow your bank’s instructions for processing iDEAL payments.
  5. Confirm your payment. iDEAL uses two-factor authentication when making payments to iDEAL casinos. As a result, you’ll be prompted to verify your deposit.
  6. Your money will be released and deposited as soon as your bank approves the transfer. Within a few minutes, the sum will have been deposited at your chosen casino.


iDEAL payout times


When you make deposits using iDEAL, payments are credited into your online casino account in a relatively short time. However, withdrawals are not possible via iDEAL at this present time.


How to withdraw from a casino with iDEAL


Withdrawals via iDEAL are not possible at present. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility in the future. In the meantime, you can certainly opt for the method of withdrawal that suits you best. As such, it’s recommended that you familiarise yourself with the withdrawal methods available at your chosen casino.


Advantages of using iDEAL with casinos


You may wonder what makes iDEAL a good choice for online gamblers. Aside from the fact that it is a straightforward payment channel, the following advantages highlight why it is useful for gamblers:


  • iDEAL is safe: iDEAL is an SSL-encrypted payment service, making it great for online consumers. As a result, iDEAL has developed a large, devoted client base.
  • Using iDEAL is simple: Users don’t have to establish their identity or fill in forms. Instead, only a few bank account details are required before users can get started straight away.
  • iDEAL is fast: The average iDEAL transaction takes only a few minutes, which is nothing new these days. However, this is certainly a significant advantage and shows that iDEAL has the ability to stand out when compared to some bank transfers, which can take up to 48 hours.
  • Low cost: When it comes to cost, customers should not expect anything other than their bank’s fees, if any. iDEAL charges the merchant for the transaction.


Disadvantages of using iDEAL


As expected, no payment method is perfect. iDEAL comes with many advantages, but there are certain drawbacks that should be considered before choosing it as your preferred casino banking option.


  • Only available in the Netherlands:Unless you are located in the Netherlands, it isn’t possible to make use of iDEAL’s services. This also means that any casino bonus that requires iDEAL payments will only be available for Netherlands-based players, as they alone can access the service.


  • No withdrawal service:While depositing with iDEAL can be conducted in only a few steps, you will be unable to enjoy a similar level of convenience when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. At present, there is no option for iDEAL online casino withdrawals, so you’ll need to opt for another withdrawal method in this case.


Is it safe to pay with iDEAL at online casinos?


Certainly, one of the advantages of using iDEAL at an online casino is the level of safety associated with it. Transactions using iDEAL use trusted SSL encryption, and since your bank is involved, you can be sure that any fraudulent transaction can be traced.


Mobile casinos accepting iDEAL

There are many mobile casinos that provide gaming with iDEAL as a payment option – perfect for players to prefer to play on the move. As you would on a desktop platform, simply select iDEAL as your preferred banking method at these casinos. You can easily play casino games from NetEnt, for example, with iDEAL.


Other things you need to know about iDEAL

iDEAL is not only great for gamblers, but it also works as a fantastic payment method for business owners, who can sign up to receive payments via the iDEAL platform. In this case, a corporate account is required in order to get started.


Deposit and withdrawal limits

Since it isn’t possible to make casino withdrawals via iDEAL at the moment, as such, there are no set withdrawal limits. However, if you wish to deposit using iDEAL, you’re advised to explore the T&Cs of your chosen casino.



Fees are common with many online payment methods but not with iDEAL. Your bank may charge you a small fee to use iDEAL, but this lack of fees on iDEAL’s behalf is arguably one of its better features.


iDEAL alternatives

If you feel like iDEAL isn’t the best payment option for you, you can try a few alternatives. These are some of the top alternatives to iDEAL for online casino players:


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