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MasterCard Casinos

38 casinos offering MasterCard
MasterCard is one of the most renowned and probably still one of the most used online paying method with which you can pay at millions of websites and “points of sale” (POS) all around the world. It’s a relatively safe, easy and reliable way to make money transactions and besides for online payments MasterCard has numerous of other advantageous applications. On this page you’ll learn everything about MasterCard payments to an online casino and you’ll find a complete overview of the (many) Netent Casinos that accept MasterCard as a legitimate payment option.

UK Credit Card Regulations

Following a ruling in 2020, players based in the UK can no longer use credit cards to gamble. This was announced by the Gambling Commission following a review of the country’s gambling industry and applies to both offline and online casinos.

Even though MasterCard credit cards can’t be used to make a deposit or withdrawal in the UK, there are still plenty of other payment options available. Players at UK-licensed casinos have some of the safest and most varied websites to choose from, and when it comes to making a deposit there is a great range of options that will satisfy all tastes.

The exact options vary from each casino site, but debit cards are still allowed with Visa one of the most popular and straightforward options. Players seeking speed should opt for an e-Wallet such as Paypal as transactions are usually processed instantaneously which is a major contrast to traditional bank transfers, which can take days.

Online Casinos That Accept Mastercard

MasterCard is a credit card with which can be used to make payments both online, on countless websites, as well as in millions of real-life stores. As such, MasterCard is accepted in more than 210 countries worldwide and by more than 25 million companies. Additionally, MasterCard can be used internationally to get money at banks or ATMs all over the globe.

A MasterCard, like all credit cards, is linked to your normal bank account and guarantees your payment to the recipient. So even though at that moment you haven’t got the money (yet) on your bank account, you can still make a deposit or a MasterCard payment almost wherever you are and whenever you want. In fact, you’re taking a loan that you’ll pay off as soon as there’s money on your account, normally after 30 days, but some of the MasterCard providers can give you the possibility to pay back over a longer period and in smaller parcels.

The height of your monthly MasterCard credit you combine upfront when signing the contract to get your MasterCard credit card and this loan will depend on your monthly income. Therefore also a credit check is carried out when you apply for the MasterCard being issued to you.

You can obtain the MasterCard credit card at practically all renowned banks but also several other organizations like large retailers or chain stores are licensed to issue the card by a partnership they’ve closed with the MasterCard company. Also, various e-wallets and prepaid cards can issue a MasterCard to their clients (either a virtual or a physical “plastic” card) which enables them to make payments (and perform withdrawals) by using the worldwide MasterCard platform.

Paying with MasterCard in an Online Casino

Making a deposit in an online casino by MasterCard is a simple and quick procedure. Choose on the deposit page of the online casino for “credit cards” and in the sub-menu for the “MasterCard” option. Fill in your 16-digit MasterCard card number and your name (exactly as it is written on your card), the date of expiry of the card (under your name on the front side) and the 3 digit Card Verification Value (CVV) safety code (on the back of the card and sometimes dubbed as CVC number = Card Verification Code). Of course, you need to fill in the amount you want to deposit and lastly you have to confirm your payment after having checked if the payment details are correct.

The deposited amount is immediately visible on your casino account and ready to use as play money.

The fee that is charged to make a payment with your MasterCard depends on the casino you´re depositing in. If the payment isn´t free of charge then normally a fee between 2% and 3% needs to be paid on top of the deposited amount. As is the case with the VISA credit card some online casinos will drop the fee if the amount exceeds a certain value.

Also, the minimum and maximum amount you can deposit by using MasterCard depends on the rules of the casino and on the height of the credit that is combined with the bank that is linked to the MasterCard.

Can Players Use MasterCard Credit Card Transfers At UK-Licensed Online Casinos?

As of April 2020, The United Kingdom Gambling Commission banned all UK-licensed online casinos from accepting credit cards as a payment method. This means no Credit card can be used to deposit or withdraw at any casino with a UK license. The use of debit cards is completely unaffected by this ban.

Withdrawing with MasterCard in an Online Casino

Withdrawing funds with a MasterCard is practically done in the same way as making a deposit. Also to retrieve money from your casino account you need to fill in your credit card number, your name, the CVV/CVC number and the expiry date of the card. It usually takes up to 1 to 5 banking days before the withdrawn money is visible on your MasterCard balance.

In contrast to the VISA credit card, MasterCard recently has adopted the policy to less and less allow withdrawals from online casino accounts by using their cards. If withdrawing by using MasterCard is still accepted by an online casino most casinos will only accept this withdrawal possibility if the same MasterCard is first used to make a deposit with (which, by the way, normally is also a requirement for withdrawals made with a VISA credit card).

Just like when depositing with MasterCard the fees charged for withdrawing and the time it takes before the withdrawal is processed both depend on the specific online casino.

Advantages of Using MasterCard

The main advantages of using a MasterCard credit card to upgrade your online casino account are:

  • It´s an easy way to make a payment (the procedure to deposit will only take a few minutes);
  • It´s quick to upload funds to your casino account (the money will arrive instantly);
  • You can deposit without actually having the money on your bank account (as it´s a “credit” which “loan” has to be repaid afterwards).
  • You can choose in which way you want to repay your credit: by a monthly redemption or spread over a longer period.

Furthermore owning and using a MasterCard for making payments has the advantage it´s worldwide accepted as a payment option, both online in web-stores and on websites as in normal stores and points of sale all around the world.

Other advantages are the discounts you can get by paying with your MasterCard credit card when purchasing goods at almost 400 web-stores like, for example, at the online stores of Dell, Apple, and numerous others, and the product purchase insurance of 1 year against loss, theft or damage connected to your MasterCard payment.

Disadvantages of Using MasterCard

Although there are the above-described advantages of using a MasterCard as a payment option (whether in online casinos, on websites or in normal stores) there certainly are some disadvantages to consider too:

  • First of all, there´s the security issue when using a MasterCard for online casino payments as with every deposit both the data related to your credit card as well as your personal data needs to be provided. If this (combined) information ends up in the wrong (criminal) hands it´s very easy for a third party to make misuse of the credit card. Therefore you should always be very careful with both your MasterCard and personal data when using this payment option for an online casino deposit (or, for that matter, a payment to whom or whatever).
  • Second, the advantage of being able to make a deposit with a MasterCard without really having the money “in your pocket” (on your normal bank account, that is) can also be a big disadvantage as it holds the danger you’ll pass your budget very easily, thus creating a potential financial problem.
  • A third disadvantage to consider is the fees some online casinos charge for payments and withdrawals made with a credit card.
  • Last but not least there are less and less online casinos that allow making withdrawals by using MasterCard and before using this online banking option it´s wise to consult the bank that funds the MasterCard account as some banks don´t allow payments to online casinos anymore.

Where to pay with MasterCard?

Just like the VISA credit card the last few years also MasterCard has lost a bit of ground due to other popular casino payment methods. This is mainly due to the various other online payment methods (like e-wallets, debit cards and prepaid cards) that have emerged. These online banking options currently allow you to make casino deposits that are not only safer, but they almost all offer the same advantages and conveniences like easiness, instant availability and wide acceptance as by paying with a MasterCard (or any other credit card).

Nevertheless, still most online casinos accept the MasterCard as a banking option, in particular, to make deposits with. Check out the list of reliable NetEnt Casinos on this page that still allows players to use MasterCard at their cashier.

MasterCard Services Available

MasterCard is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the world of banking, with the company offering a range of products to satisfy different requirements. There are also hundreds of MasterCard online casinos, with the payment option trusted for deposits and withdrawals alike.

These are the key services offered by MasterCard:

  • Credit card: MasterCard credit cards are issued by the majority of reputable banks worldwide, allowing you to withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases online. There are plenty of top MasterCard online casinos that allow you to deposit and withdraw without any added fees.
  • Debit card: When debit cards are used, the funds drawn come directly from your bank account. This is in contrast to credit cards, which use a line of credit to be paid off at a later date. MasterCard offers both types of cards.
  • Prepaid Card: These cards work in the same way as debit cards and will be accepted on all the same websites. They are loaded with a certain amount of cash, which can be deposited at a MasterCard casino as you play your favourite NetEnt games.
  • Digital Wallet: Digital wallets are a place that you can store funds to spend and withdraw at your convenience. Paypal is a famous example of this and you can also play at no account casinos without having to register.
  • Masterpass: MasterCard has created its own digital wallet – Masterpass. This is designed for convenience, working across mobile, tablet and PC so that you can easily shop and spend funds from one account.

MasterCard Fees

As well as being one of the most accepted and widely-used payment methods in the world of online casinos, MasterCard users also benefit from the fact that, generally speaking, there are no fees for making a deposit. However, if you are withdrawing with a MasterCard credit card then there may be a small charge depending on your bank, but this does not affect the time that the transaction takes.

MasterCard Customer Support

As well as being chosen by many players to deposit and withdraw funds at the best MasterCard casinos, the payment company is also very strong when it comes to customer support – as you would expect from a brand that services hundreds of millions of users – and their website has answers to popular queries.

Security should, of course, be your primary concern, so only play at a licensed MasterCard casino – a good selection is displayed further up this page. If you have any issues with your debit or credit card then you should always contact the issuer immediately. MasterCard cards also come with a host of modern security features to protect against scammers.

Players up to speed with the latest trends and technologies will know that Revolut casinos are increasingly popular – depending on your location you can get a Visa or MasterCard debit card. The app also allows you to chat with an agent directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MasterCard Safe And Secure To Use At Online Casinos?

    Yes, MasterCard is renowned for its security features, which is why it is issued by most leading banks and accepted as a payment method at many online casinos. The most important thing is to ensure that you only ever play at the best MasterCard casino sites that are fully licensed.

  • Do I Still Get A Casino Bonus When Depositing With MasterCard?

    Absolutely. Deposit matches are the most common type of welcome bonus that exist and, as long as MasterCard is accepted as a payment option, you will be able to claim a bonus on the funds that you deposit.

    As always, there will be wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal request for your winnings.

  • Are There Any Deposit Or Withdrawal Limits?

    The exact amount varies from casino to casino but it is likely that there will be deposit and withdrawal limits when you are making payments at an online casino. This will be the case whatever payment method you opt for and MasterCard withdrawals may include a small fee if you are using a credit card. Deposit limits are usually fairly high, so will not affect the vast majority of players.

  • How Long Do MasterCard Withdrawals Take?

    Each casino will make it clear how long a withdrawal will take with each payment option, so look in the information section of the website. MasterCard is not the quickest method by any means and will likely take a couple of days. If you are looking for speed then an e-Wallet is probably the best selection.