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St. Patrick's Day Casino Bonuses

The St Patrick’s Day Phenomenon: St Patrick and Casinos

Before the world drinks itself silly again for St Patrick's Day - we've investigated the surprisingly strong link between the holy day and gambling and provided all the best St Patrick's Day Bonuses.

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  • What Are St Patrick’s Day Bonuses?

    St Patrick’s Day bonuses are promotions offered by online casinos that give you a special treat to enjoy on the annual day that we celebrate all things Irish.

    These usually come in the form of bonuses, tournaments or pumped up Welcome Bonuses. There’s always something interesting on offer at the top web casinos during March as you’ll see by checking our list of offers below!

    So, if you fancy giving the St Paddy’s day crowds a miss this year, especially because you’d prefer to go green with the Irish spirit and not with the flu, get stuck into our excellent casino offers.

    Origins Of St Patrick’s Day

    Almost 1600 years ago today, a Christian archbishop and former slave by the name of Patrick Maewyn took his last breath and expired.

    Years before, this very same Patrick was forcibly dragged to Ireland from his home in England by slavers.

    When he was freed, Mr Maewyn, more commonly known today as St Patrick, chose not to flee back home to Britannia.

    Instead, he became a Christian missionary in the emerald isle and set about driving paganism out of the country – something he was remarkably good at.


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    Oh yes, what about the snakes?

    According to folklore, St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, which is why you’ll never see a wriggling and slithering legless reptile there.

    It turns out ‘snakes’ was just a metaphor for pagans – although, this hasn’t stopped numerous pest control businesses in America naming themselves after the saint. Well played.

    The Tradition

    Every year we fondly remember St Patrick by wearing green and getting absolutely three-sheets-to-the-wind drunk, while making total arses out of ourselves.

    Yes, somehow, we came up with the idea to celebrate the life of a serious and ascetic Christian by getting wasted – good job everybody, bravo!!!

    The timeline of this St Patrick’s Day transformation from holy day to piss up actually shows quite a natural evolution.

    St Paddy’s became a Christian feast day so that people remembered the saint for his godly works.

    Even though it’s during Lent, when Christians fast before Easter, restrictions on food and alcohol were eventually relaxed by the church to allow for mild to moderate celebrations and slowly, but surely, the day transformed into one of glorious excess and fun.

    Today we don’t just celebrate the life of St Patrick, but also the culture, history and traditions of Ireland.

    Q: Wait, you’re saying the most Irish day of the year, that celebrates all things Irish, is actually based on an English guy?

    A: SHH! Not so loud!

    Ultimately, on St Patrick’s Day, nothing’s taken too seriously – it’s just a great excuse to celebrate the fantastic people of Ireland and their tasty drinks.

    It really is just all about the ‘craic’ (an Irish word that basically means fun – don’t look into it too much, it gets complicated).

    Up for a laugh? Check out our list of funny St Patrick’s day stories below:


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    St Patricks & Casinos – The Marriage

    As well as drunken celebrations, another less than saintly pastime has become married to this holy day – gambling and casinos.

    Every year, online and land-based casinos fill up google with special St Paddy’s day promotions featuring bonuses, Free Spins, competitions and tournaments.

    Seriously, give it a shot now – open a new tab and type St Patrick’s Day and casinos and watch your browser swell to bursting point with casino after casino trying to outshout each other for your attention… By the way, we’re on the first page there too ?.


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    St Patrick’s Day – Casinos And Gambling

    My first job in iGaming was as a copywriter for a new start-up casino that was bravely and innovatively following all the same bonus trends as its competitors.

    I joined in March and my first big task was to write emails for our players to promote our St Patrick’s Day bonus and I just couldn’t get my head around the concept.

    My colleagues rolled their eyes at my ignorance of St Paddy’s being a big date in the casino calendar and I’m not totally resentful of them for that, because the more I looked into it, the more I realised what an obvious connection it is.

    To cook up proper St Patrick’s Day celebrations, you need three main ingredients:

    1) Fun

    Playing games and having fun – i.e. the craic – is a big part of what makes St Patrick’s Day the celebration it is.

    With all the bonuses that are offered to players at this time of year, it’s easier to have much more fun at casinos than usual.

    2) Irish Traditions – The Luck Of The Irish

    Casinos have been utilising – and arguably overdoing – the ‘luck of the Irish’ concept for years.

    Any slot game developer worth its salt has at least one Irish themed game featuring leprechauns, pots of god, rainbows and four-leaf clovers.

    3) Alcohol and lots of it

    A magician’s best friend is a drunk audience and the ‘House’s’ best friend is a drunk player.

    As St Paddy’s is soaked in boozy traditions, it’s not difficult to see why online and land-based casinos get involved. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and often leads to players betting more than they normally would.

    Many land casinos feature special offers on alcoholic drinks all the year round, and it’s not hard to see why.

    By combining Fun, Luck and Alcohol you get the perfect recipe for a full casino experience.

    St Patrick’s Day And Casinos – All Year Round

    Casinos and St Patrick’s Day don’t just get together once a year, they’re attached all year round – which is why we’ve called this article “The Marriage…” and not “The annual fling..”

    As we mentioned above, there are hundreds of Irish and St Patrick’s Day video slots out there that are played all year round as the luck of the Irish is a massive theme in gambling.

    Even NetEnt, who we follow, have their own Irish slot, Finn and the Swirly Spin, that features the diminutive ginger leprechaun Finn.

    We challenge any reader to find a casino that doesn’t feature an Irish-themed slot game. If you find one, or have any opinions about St Patrick’s Day, let us know here.

    That’s our two cents on St Patrick’s Day and casinos, all that’s left to do is to potentially annoy every Irish reader by misusing their lingo to wish you all a great St Patrick’s Day.

    “Have a grand ol jig at the Céilí. We raise our glasses and say Sláinte – to your health!”

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