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Valentine's Day Bonuses

Fall in love with our gorgeous Valentine's Day casino bonuses

Looking for love this Valentine's Day? While we can't provide you with a dashing adonis or a jaw-dropping supermodel to whisk you away on a dreamy romantic adventure, (Hint: try a dating app), what we CAN do is help you fall in love with a new casino by showing you the best Valentine's Day Bonuses out there.

What Are Valentine’s Day Bonuses?

Valentines Day Bonuses are special promotions offered by online casinos to celebrate the most lovey duvey day of the year.

These usually take the form of bonuses, tournaments or pumped up Welcome Bonuses. There’s always something interesting on offer during Valentine’s.

Why are people playing casino games on Valentines Day, I hear you ask?

If you’re about to meet your partner for a nice Romantic meal and then get to reveal to her that you’ve won, let’s say a 5-star trip to Rome for you both, courtesy of Unibet’s Valentine’s tournament, that would make your Valentine’s Day 10x better, right?

There you have it, add some spice to your love life and play to win with the Valentines promotions below.

Top Valentine’s Day Slots

Just like in films, tv shows, books…. you name it…… love has found its way into slot games.

We can’t help loving love it seems!

So, if you’re looking to get into the mood this Valentine’s Day, and also want to enjoy some top slots – take a look at our pick of the lovey duveyst games below:


1) Blood Suckers 2

Ahh sharp fangs, blood-drinking and undead monsters – is there anything more romantic?

Okay, so the vampire thing isn’t the most obvious Valentine’s day pick, but once you start playing, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that this NetEnt slot has got everything needed for Valentines – beautiful and glamorous women, dashing gentlemen and one of the symbols is even a heart for good measure!

Blood Suckesr 2 is a 5 Reels video slot with 25 pay lines. There are multiple features including Scatter Shots and Bonus Shots, a hidden treasure that unlocks coin wins and Free Spins. Find out more about it here.


2) Witchcraft Academy

Looking to brew a love potion or follow the love triangle of NetEnt’s version of Harry Potter’s Ron and Hermoine? Well then, Witchcraft Academy is the slot for you!

This slot has a 96.38% RTP and operates with 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 fixed bet lines.  It includes an Elements Bonus that has Coin Win Symbols, Armour Guard Symbols and Scatter Symbols.

Put your wizarding skills to the test and give it a go now! Read more about it on our full game review.



3) Emoji Planet

It’s not like the old days, two people don’t fall in love at first sight while reaching for the same book at the local library. No, it’s more likely that people meet online and spend the first few days/weeks, before they meet, texting.

That’s why emojis play a big part in modern romance and why Emoji Planet is a necessary addition to this Valentine’s Day list!

If you’re someone who lovingly bombards their friends and family with 100s of emojis every single day, clearly this is a game for you.

Emojiplanet has an RTP rate of 96.40% (not bad/not great) and has tons of features. Read all about it here.


4) Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? Hopefully, your Valentine’s date, if not… maybe you should up your game…

What would Snow White be without the magic mirror? This NetEnt reimaging of the classic Disney tale will send you on a gorgeous journey of nostalgia and romance.

Mirror Mirror’s cute and cartoony adventure is part of NetENt’s Fairytale Legends series, which also features Hansel & Gretal and Red Riding Hood.  Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror has an RTP rate of 96.48% (not bad/not great) and also has lots of features to help you boost your rewards to crazy levels. Read all about it here. 


5) Who’s The Bride?

NetEnt have really been firing out the Oriental-themed slots recently, and this one that came out late last year definitely falls into the Valentine’s Day category, because it’s about a lovely Chinese wedding.

*holds up card to the audience that reads “AWWWWWW”*

This video slot has 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 fixed bet lines and has rather basic features, but they can still give you a nice big juicy win!

The features are Wilds, Scatter Symbols, Free Spins and Sticky Wilds. So, to answer the burning question that’s in the back of all our minds right now – Who actually is the bride? – play the game and find out! Check it out here.

Valentine’s Heart Hunt: Find Our Hidden Exclusive Promotion

❤️How Can I Claim This Bonus?❤️

During Valentine’s week 2021, we’ll hide big Hearts on some of our most popular pages that will lead you to an excellent No Deposit Offer.

Make sure you come back in February 2021 for some big rewards!


❤️Can You Give Us A Clue?❤️

Of course dear readers! Whenever we hide a special Valentine’s offer for our readers we’ll update this section with clues to help you get it. Check back in February 2021!


❤️ What Do I Do Once I’ve Found A Heart?❤️

Easy! Simply click on the heart and then sign up at the casino you land at – you will then receive your No Deposit surprise!


See You In 2021 Lovebirds!!!❤️❤️❤️

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