Type of payment: Direct online banking

What is Przelewy24?

Przelewy24 (which means “Transfer24”) is the major Polish online payment provider, already active as such since 2003. It’s basically an online payments providing system that accepts funding from over 100 Polish banks (by online bank transfers), as well as from debit- and credit cards, e-wallets and even pre-paid cards and cash bought vouchers. Przelewy24 is only available for residents in Poland and to use their services registration to their website is required. To do so customers need to contact a sales manager of the company that will inform the candidate-client what’s needed to complete the registration procedure.

Once registered at Przelewy24 to make an online payment with the service is the proverbial “piece of cake”.

On the website of a web-shop (or, for that matter, an online casino) choose Przelewy24 as the payment method. Immediately a Przelewy24 form is provided that needs to be filled out with the necessary information. If this is done right and the funding source of the depositor has sufficient money available to make the payment, the deposit is made instantly by Przelewy24 (after they’ve received it) and will arrive on the account of the web-shop (or online casino) immediately.

A Przelewy24 payment, besides instantaneous, is also as anonymous as it is safe and secure. For the transactions a 128 bits encryption is used and as Przelewy24 carries out the payment no information, neither personal nor financial, about the depositor is revealed to the recipient party.

Paying with Przelewy24 in an online casino

As already described above a Przelewy24 payment is the easiest thing to do. As a matter of fact, after choosing for their payment service at an online casino and providing the proper information, the only thing a player needs to do is wait until the requested amount to deposit by Przelewy24 arrives on the casino account (in seconds).

Normally no fees for a Przelewy24 deposit are charged by the casino. However, Przelewy24 charges a small fee to carry out the payment. Besides this also the used funding source of the depositor (his / her bank, e-wallet, credit card or other payment option supported by Przelewy24 also might charge a fee for their services.

Withdrawing with Przelewy24 in an online casino

Withdrawing from the casino account using Przelewy24 works the same as depositing on it with the same service. However, some online casinos will only allow players to make deposits by the Polish company. In that case a normal bank transfer to withdraw has to be arranged or another withdrawal method that’s supported by the casino. It’s wise to inform yourself at the specific online casino about what their policy is regarding withdrawals using Przelewy24.

Advantages of using Przelewy24

The advantages of Przelewy24 as a deposit (and withdrawal) method are obvious:

  • it’s safe and secure, anonymous and instantly.
  • Besides this, the method helps to not spend more than a player can afford, as only the amount that is transferred can be used to play (or a new transaction by Przelewy24 has to be made).

Disadvantages of using Przelewy24

  • There are not many disadvantages to be attributed to Przelewy24 as an online casino payment option or it has to be the fees that are charged, the fact that the service can only be used by Polish players or that one has to register at Przelewy24 to use their services.

Where to pay with Przelewy24?

As Przelewy24 is the number 1 online payment provider in Poland each day more and more online casinos add this payment option to their existing deposit and withdrawal methods. Also many of the Netent Casinos, especially those directed to Northern and Eastern European countries, nowadays allow payments made by using Przelewy24 and an overview of these casinos you can find on the sidebar of this page.

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