Website: www.qiwi.com

Type of payment: E-wallet

What is Qiwi?

The Qiwi Group plc. originally maintained an extended network of 169.000 Qiwi terminals and kiosks throughout Russia at which Russian citizens could (and still can) pay their utility bills, buy cell phone credit, pay internet and TV bills, insurances, redeem loans, pay for online purchased services or goods and .

At this moment Qiwi is present in over 20 countries and the company has stated it operates some 15 million Qiwi accounts. As a payment option the service is accepted by more than 7.000 (online) service providers and e-commerce businesses. Since 2009 Qiwi is considered to be Russia’s biggest instant payment provider.

The Qiwi Visa Wallet is an e-wallet issued since 2013 by Qiwi and Visa in a joint venture to primarily provide the immense market of consumers in Russia and the former Soviet Union with a reliable online payment method. With the wallet customers can pay virtually anywhere where Visa is accepted, both online as well as in the millions of Visa accepting ‘points of sale’ (POS) everywhere around the world (with the plastic Qiwi Visa pre-paid debit card)..

For customers to obtain a Qiwi Visa Wallet they first need to register to the service by first opening a Qiwi Wallet account on the Qiwi website. Basically the only thing that needs to be provided is a mobile phone-number that will act as the Qiwi Wallet account number. The password attached to the account is sent (instantly) to the account holder by sms.

To be able to use Qiwi for payments the wallet needs to be uploaded with funds. This can be done using various methods such as bank transfers, credit / debit card deposits, deposits made with other e-wallets, internet banking transactions and even cash deposits (at the Qiwi terminals, kiosks and affiliated agencies).

However, the availability of these ‘funding sources’ depends on in which country the account holder is residing. Also processing times and possible fees depend on which funding method was used and in which country. Funds, only in rubles, can be uploaded by an internet connection on a desktop or mobile device (tablets, smartphones) and, as stated, by the Qiwi ‘cash-in’ terminals.

Paying with Qiwi in an online casino

After having uploaded the wallet with funds making an online payment with the Qiwi Visa Wallet is very easy. The way a Qiwi deposit is made however, depends on which Qiwi Visa Card is used. If a Virtual Visa Card is used the phone number (the Qiwi account number) and password needs to be provided, but if the plastic Qiwi pre-paid Visa card is used the payment will follow the same procedure as a normal Visa credit / debit card. It can also be via Qiwi an internet banking method is used to make the deposit in the casino.

Qiwi payments are instant and normally free of any processing fees.

Withdrawing with Qiwi in an online casino

As far as we know at this moment none of the Netent Casinos as listed in our guide allow the use of Qiwi Visa Wallet to make withdrawals from casino accounts. Please contact the casino’s helpdesk to find out if Qiwi withdrawals are accepted.

Advantages of using Qiwi

There are several advantages of using Qiwi Visa Wallet as a payment method in an online casino:

  • A payment made with Qiwi arrives instantly on the casino account;
  • As Qiwi maintains the highest security standards for its operations and no sensitive data about the Qiwi account holder is shared with the casino the banking option is extremely safe and reliable;
  • Deposits made with Qiwi Visa Wallet are free of charge;
  • A Qiwi deposit can be completely anonymous (when the Qiwi Virtual Visa card is used);
  • The system accepts a huge amount of “top up” methods, including with cash, to upload the wallet with funds;
  • With the plastic Qiwi Visa Pre-paid card payments can be made everywhere Visa is accepted (both off- and online).

Disadvantages of using Qiwi

There are also some disadvantages that can be discovered about the Qiwi payment method;

  • Qiwi is only available in some 20 countries;
  • The Qiwi account can only be uploaded with Rubles;
  • Withdrawing funds from the casino account with Qiwi is not possible.
  • For some top up methods (to upload funds to the wallet) a hefty fee is asked.

Where to pay with Qiwi?

As Qiwi Visa Wallet is primarily directed to customers from Russia and the CIS countries mainly Netent Casinos that accept players from these countries will offer the system as a banking option. Check the list in the side-bar of this page to see which Netent Casinos actually do.

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