Mobile slots

It’s fair to say that there has never been a better time to be a fan of gaming. Convenience and speed mean that playing casino games on the go is at its zenith, with nearly all betting sites offering slots on multiple devices. Read on for a full overview of mobile slots as we look at all aspects of the popular small screen game mode.

Mobile Slots
Until the Internet really exploded, the opportunity to play your favourite casino games was limited. You would have to get ready and head out to the local venue where you could experience the thrill of roulette or the excitement of slots. Of course, it would be great fun once you started playing but then you’d return home and you’d have to wait until you wanted to pop out to do it all over again.

Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives, for better and worse. However, it’s clearly for the better when it comes to gaming. The introduction of mobile gaming initially started in the mid-90s and what started out as an experiment quickly turned into revolutionising the industry completely.

Essentially, the games you want to play are available at your fingertips and, as we know, the way the technology has continuously advanced over the years has resulted in a huge increase in quality and variety.

From the outset, the ease, simplicity and fun that these games provide to players mean the way we play online slots has changed forever. As the years passed, more developers – including NetEnt – understood the huge potential of this market and everything improved. From the graphics to the gameplay, there was a genuine focus on providing the best mobile experience possible and ensuring that any games that were delivered would work on all devices to the same standard.

The current generation has grown up knowing nothing but convenience, with any whim available at just a few clicks. Looking for the tension that roulette can bring? Hoping to scoop a huge prize on the slots? It’s now all instantly accessible. There’s no waiting to go out. No hoping your friends will come with you or waiting to get picked up – it’s all available to you at the click of a few buttons or the download of an app.

When you look at the way technology has changed different industries, few will compare to the gaming one. This page will outline exactly how mobile slots work, the ways they can benefit your gaming experience, asses positives and negatives and much more!

Our Top Rated Mobile Slots Casinos
Though pretty much every online casino offers a mobile version of some description, not all stand out. Fear not, the below casinos have all been hand-picked by us and will each provide an excellent form of entertainment on the small screen on account of their fabulous array of mobile slot games.

What Are Mobile Slots?
Firstly, we’ll break things down so you completely understand what these games are, ensuring you can find the best mobile slots out there to play.

Quite simply, mobile slots are the games you can play on your tablet or smartphone. That can be by going online and playing on the website provider of the slots, or, more commonly, it can be by downloading a casino app and playing from there.

With all games from NetEnt optimised for your device, everything will work seamlessly in terms of the gameplay and the high-quality graphics ensure you aren’t sacrificing anything when you play on a smaller screen.

NetEnt And Mobile Slots
It’s no exaggeration to say that mobile gaming is the main source of gaming for players today. Billions play this way and over 60% of smartphone users have revealed that they have downloaded a gaming app within the first week of getting a new phone.

Yes, the days of using your phone solely to ring and get in touch with your friends are long gone – it’s now the main way for many to play find entertainment as well. Therefore, there are different features that help to give you the ultimate gaming experience and NetEnt games such as Starburst are at the forefront of this.
The demand from players is to have everything as simple as possible and a key feature of that is touchscreen play. So, if you’re on the slots, you can change your stake, pick bonuses and take spins. Again, the overall aim is to simplify your gaming experience and this is a key way of doing so.

Traditionally, it was common that, in order to play certain games, you would have to hold your mobile phone horizontally as it would work well with the graphics and gameplay, but even that is changing now. With some preferring to hold their smartphone vertically, devices now respond accordingly to what is most comfortable for you.

This may seem like a very minor detail, and in truth it is, but if you are playing for hours each day then it’s about being comfortable in the way you play and this shows how every little thing is considered and changed to suit players whether you have an iPhone or Android device.

Why Do People Play Slots On Mobile?
We’ve explained how the industry has evolved in recent years and how there is a real focus from those involved in making mobile games the best possible. However, you still may not be sold. After all, you can experience the same on a desktop if you wanted to. Here we will explain exactly why the mobile experience beats all else.
You can enjoy anywhere
We’ll start with the obvious one, which we’ve briefly covered earlier but it deserves its own section. Yes, playing mobile slots can really happen anywhere. If you’re bored on the bus to work or curled up on the sofa, you can play. If you’re sat on a long train journey or are standing outside on your lunch break, you can play. Of course, you will need a data connection but there are no restrictions – you can play anytime, anywhere, 24/7.
They’re easy to play
Additionally, everything is designed to be played on a mobile device. Your job will be to download the app of your favourite casino or visit their site on your mobile browser. From there, you select the games you want to play – and they will have an extensive range, nothing will be limited, and you can be playing in a matter of minutes with a juicy welcome bonus. It genuinely is as simple as hitting a few buttons and the fun can begin.

Mobile Slots On Phone And Tablet
We have outlined the different ways that you can play and we’ve mentioned both smartphones and tablets, but rest assured that you aren’t missing out if you play one or the other in terms of the quality that’s provided as developers like NetEnt create releases with mobile playersin mind.

Statistically, fewer people have tablets in comparison to smartphones but the obvious advantage of playing on the former is that they have a bigger screen. For some, that will be preferable, so if you’re sitting at home then playing on a tablet might be the way to go, particularly if you are playing a complex mobile slot with more features.

Plus, if you aren’t comfortable with the smaller screen and the smaller buttons that come on a smartphone, you will find playing on a tablet easier too. For younger people, it may not be as much of an issue but if you aren’t a confident user, playing on a bigger tablet will be a help. It’s worth mentioning that they have a better battery life than phones, which may come in handy when you’re making a long trip.

Having said that, smartphones are the number one way of playing because the vast majority have them over a tablet, which means they’re always with you. It’s no issue carrying it around and it’s not another thing to remember – if your phone is in your pocket, playing the best mobile slots is always going to be an option.
Does it matter which device I use?
One common query from those that don’t completely understand how smartphone gaming works centres on the quality of your smartphone. And it makes total sense, because you would expect the more expensive model to be significantly better than a cheaper one.

Whilst your device will need to meet certain standards to play games, there generally isn’t a need to worry if you haven’t splashed out on the latest iPhone. If you have an iPhone, iPad or any Android device, you will be able to enjoy mobile slots with minimal differences in sound quality and graphics.

When it comes to your phone, the only consideration that needs to be taken into account is the processing power of the device. In simple terms, that means if you have an older device, the quality may not be to the same high standards you expect – but it won’t be down to the software providers.

This shouldn’t prevent you from playing but the games might lag and it may not run as smoothly as you would like.

Plus, you also have to ensure that you download the latest operating system update as that will also potentially impact performance. So, if you’re putting off the latest update, don’t!

Playing On Mobile Apps
As we have covered, mobile apps are the way to play for many and here we will explain how they work and why downloading an app could benefit you.

Before that, we should stress that downloading an app isn’t the only way you can play slot games for mobile. You can just go to the browser of the site you want to play with, but the purpose of the app is to make things easier and it certainly does that.
Downloading an app
First things first, you will need to identify the casino you want to play at and that’s an important decision. Even though they are generally all very good, you will have favourites and it’s crucial that you find one that has a setup that you are comfortable with using, so it may be worth trying out different ones before you settle on a favourite.

Once you have done that, head to your phone’s app store to check if the casino has one available; you can then proceed to download it.

Many casino operator do not have an app, but all major brands understand the importance of mobile gaming so you will be able to play through your browser instead.

The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Slots
Once you’ve done that, you will be ready to play and try out the thrill of slots on the small screen for yourself – here are the positives and negatives.


Graphics: Game developers such as NetEnt go to great lengths to ensure that their games are optimised for all manner of mobile devices and casinos. Therefore, whether on an app or in a browser, you will have a great experience playing slots.
Convenience: You are no longer rooted to a desktop computer when it comes to casino games. Mobile slots can be played at any time of day in a place that suits you, from registering to playing and cashing out.


Device memory: If you have an older device then you may have to be careful how many casino apps you download as memory may be limited. We will all have been in a situation in the past when you can’t download an app without deleting another, so it can be a bit of a pain if you are someone who has limited space available.

Mobile Slots Vs Desktop
Despite everything we’ve said about the rise in popularity of mobile gaming and the high-quality games that are on offer, there will always be some who prefer playing on desktop, whether because of graphics or the guarantee of a Wi-Fi connection.

As discussed with the tablets, desktop devices have similar advantages but on a bigger scale. The increased screen size, the seamless playing experience and the overall quality means that playing games on a laptop or PC is always fantastic. When you’re sat at home, or even out and about with a laptop, it will be preferable to many and it is easier to multi-task with multiple tabs open at once.

Yet, the reason mobile gaming is so popular and continues to grow is that the gap between the gameplay on desktop and mobile has closed significantly in recent years and these small devices are getting more powerful with every release.

There’s no denying at all that when games were initially released on smartphones, they didn’t compare well to playing on a desktop but that is no longer the case. There is a real focus on delivering the best possible games to mobile users and, as a result, the difference in quality is minimal with mobile slots from NetEnt.

When you add in the fact that playing on your smartphone is accessible at all times of day – as is the customer support from many casinos – it’s easy to see why this method of play is growing and it’s why playing on your desktop is no longer a necessity.

Starting Your Mobile Gaming Journey
We feel that the above points should help you to understand what makes mobile slots and gaming generally so special. If that has convinced you to try it for yourself then you will not be short of options, with all the casinos listed on this page crafted perfectly for mobiles. Here are the steps you need to make in order to get started:

Identify your perfect casino

Such is the competitive nature of the industry, picking an online casino to operate with is no simple task and there are so many factors to consider. What’s the sign-up bonus like? Do they have a range of slot games? Are they safe and secure?

Those questions, and many more, will be racing through your mind and they’re all important. Whilst we have a guide on some of the best around, ultimately the decision is going to be up to you.

Because of the fierce competition between websites to land players, standards have been driven up across the board. Any rogue operators will quickly be found out and there are so many reputable casinos for you to choose from (these will all have licenses).

As stated, it will be your call and we all have different preferences but it’s not like you’re stuck with your initial decision forever – you are able to try different no deposit bonsues until you settle upon the perfect match.

Does the casino have an app?

The next step will be to see whether the casino has an app, and this will be a bigger consideration for some players than it is for others.

If they do, you can download it but even if they don’t, the start-up process will be similar on a mobile browser. If you’re a new customer you will have to enter your personal details but the sign-up should be done in minutes. Meanwhile, existing customers will just have to log in and then you can choose from the range of games they have available.

Don’t forget the offers!

This is something for new players in particular. There are a whole host of offers available to you and they can get you off to the perfect start with the new casino.

It’s important that you don’t just go for the one that has the biggest numbers involved – there are sometimes strict wagering requirements that come with different offers and if you are not careful then it can be difficult to win real cash.

On the whole, though, this is a great time to be a new casino player. Read the offers, understand the terms and your casino journey could get off to a flying start. Returning players have a big selection of reload bonuses to chose from.

It really is that simple. There’s no secret formula required to sign up to play on your mobile, just a few very simple and easy-to-understand steps. Identify the casino you want to play with, search for the best offer, download the app and then get spinning on your mobile slot of choice!

Mobile Slot Casinos To Consider
Whilst we’ve stressed that each individual will have different preferences when it comes to mobile gaming, we have looked at three elite options available to players and analysed the mobile experience that they offer.

Bet Victor

A recognisable name in the industry, Bet Victor offers players a fine casino experience once you’re signed up. With the potential of £70 in bonuses and up to 50 free spins to get you started, there really is an incentive to start mobile gaming with them.

They have an app for players to download and it provides you with a smooth playing experience. So, if you want to go down the tried and trusted route, then this may be the ideal choice for you.

Grosvenor Casino

Similarly, another known name in the casino industry is Grosvenor. They have physical casino venues dotted around the United Kingdom but they also offer players the chance to play online and 20 no deposit free spins, along with a matched deposit up to £250, should appeal.

As you would expect, they also have an app as well, which has positive reviews for the range of games available and user experience.

Win British

There are new names emerging on the scene and one is Win British, a site which offers plenty of your favourite casino games. They too have a fantastic opening offer, with 500 free spins available.

However, they differ from the others in that there isn’t an app available to play their games – not that you should be put off. Their mobile experience is highly-rated and it shows the different ways you can access your favourite games.

Overall, smartphones have completely changed the mobile gaming world and if some were sceptical at the impact they would make initially, they aren’t now. It’s the preferred method of play for many and, as a result, the quality they provide is continuously improving. Ultimately, the big winners from that are the players as accessing your favourite games has never been easier and things are only likely to get better with faster devices and widespread 5G availability.