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NetEnt Live Casino

Upptäck våra bästa casinon som erbjuder NetEnt Live

Båda casinospelare och casinon vill minska gapet mellan onlinecasinon och landbaserade casinon, och det görs bäst med live casino-konceptet. Onlinespelare kan ansluta sig till live-video och strömma all action från dealers som delar ut kort eller snurrar roulettekulan under dygnets alla timmar, precis på samma sätt som i ett vanligt, fysiskt casino. NetEnt lanserade sin live casino-produkt under 2013, och några år senare kom NetEnt Mobile live casino. Båda har utan tvekan blivit gigantiska succéer, så nu berättar vi allt om detta banbrytande NetEnt live casino och var du kan spela det!

Upplev all action hemifrån med NetEnt live casino!

Casinon har nått en helt ny nivå

När onlinecasino-branschen fortfarande var ny kunde man bara spela bordsspel som blackjack och roulette med datoriserad grafik, ungefär som i ett tv-spel. Men allt eftersom efterfrågan och populariteten ökade för dessa spel så antog onlinecasinon utmaningen att leverera en live-upplevelse. I dag är det enormt populärt att spela live, inte minst för att det ger spelarna den sociala biten och liknande atmosfär som i ett landbaserat casino.

Ett stort utbud av Live Casinospel

  • NetEnt Live Black Jack

    Netent Live Casino HD Black Jack is similar to Black Jack as it’s played in a real-life casino. The players take a “seat” at the table, at one of the seven places available, after which the game rounds start.

  • NetEnt Live Blackjack Pro

    Get ready to be dealt into this fast-paced and high-value table game, facing off against NetEnt Live’s most experienced dealers with your fellow man for a genuine land-based casino atmosphere. 

  • NetEnt Live Blackjack VIP

    Prepare yourselves for real-time interaction and a thrilling “as real as it gets” land-based experience. NetEnt Live Blackjack VIP version is fast-paced, and the entertaining gameplay is guaranteed by NetEnt Live’s most experienced dealers.

  • NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack

    NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack is the ideal entry point for players that are new to the game, NetEnt’s live dealers create a social, entertaining and easy atmosphere at the table.

  •  NetEnt Live Common Draw Blackjack VIP

    NetEnt Live’s unique, multi-channel, Common Draw Blackjack VIP is an exciting variation of the classic card game. The game uses a common set of cards to maximise scalability and therefore maximise the number of bets places per round. The VIP version is fast-paced, and the entertaining gameplay is guaranteed by NetEnt Live’s most experienced dealers.

  • NetEnt Live Roulette

    NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette is played just like in a real-life casino. A player needs to place a chip on a number of choice (or combination of numbers) after which the Live Dealer spins the roulette wheel with the ball. The pocket on the wheel that receives the ball is the winning number that will pay out.

  • NetEnt Live Roulette Live Pro

    As the PRO name suggests, NetEnt Live have gone all out to make this one of the most comprehensive online versions of live roulette around: they’ve done this by applying high stakes, high tempo and top notch graphics that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • NetEnt Live Roulette VIP

    Welcome to NetEnt Live’s VIP Roulette table, a masterclass in table-gaming that comes with an easy to use interface, outstanding streaming solution and perfectly synchronised audio and video to guarantee a seamless player experience – everything that a VIP needs! 


  • NetEnt Live Auto Roulette

    Utilising their dynamic platform, NetEnt’s Live Auto Roulette uses cutting edge streaming technology to deliver a unique and powerful gaming experience directly to desktop and mobile devices.

Best Live Casinos with NetEnt Live

NetEnt Live Casino logoDue to NetEnt Live Casino’s success on both desktop and mobile devices, there are numerous casinos offering it as part of their live package – amongst the Swedish studio’s other gaming areas. However, as several online gambling platforms now offer this package, there’s an abundance of options that you can choose between to enjoy it. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you’re registering at a high-quality outfit when enjoying Live Casino by NetEnt at a new domain, we assume? Therefore, we’ve given you a handful of our top picks for the best NetEnt Live Casinos to get you on your way.

An Authentic Casino Experience on the Platform of Your Choice

If you’re wondering whether Live Casino play is for you then you’ve come to the right place. Before we get into exactly which games are available, let’s give you an overview of why you should. We’re sure you’ve grasped the concept pretty well, but here are a few advantages of Live Casino online anyway:

  • It moulds the best of both worlds together. Socialise as you would at a brick-and-mortar with both dealers and other players, but from a location of your choice.
  • Cards are shuffled, and roulette wheels spun by the croupiers themselves to bring a much more genuine casino feel
  • Special Live Casino themes can be implemented, with dealers transforming into well-known iGaming characters, for instance. Christmas time is especially fruitful for themed NetEnt Live Casino!
  • Profit from dedicated Live Casino bonuses at certain online websites to extend your gaming entertainment. Also, NetEnt have now made it possible to attain free spins and other slot bonuses by winning on Live Casino – extremely innovative!
  • Remain anonymous if you wish. You won’t be on camera yourself and are not obliged to interact if you don’t want to.
  • NetEnt Live Casino is available 24/7, so there’s no need to fit it into your schedule or concern yourself with opening times.

The Best Live Casinos Of 2023

Here at NetEnt Casino we’re dedicated to bringing the best live casinos for you to play in 2023.

2021 was a really great year for the live casino world, and it marked the 5 year anniversary of the launch of NetEnt’s first-ever live casino game. Obviously, we’ve come a long way since then, but NetEnt are still holding the top spot as the industry leaders.

Best live casinos by NetEnt Casino

When choosing the best live casinos of 2023 we looked out for a number of things:

  • The quality of the games
  • The quality of the dealers and croupiers?
  • Do the games run 24/7?
  • Do the casinos give out bonuses for their live dealer games?
  • Are the bonuses and promotions that casinos give out quality bonuses or just gimmicks?
  • Do players enjoy them?
  • Does NetEnt’s live casino work on mobile devices?
  • Can I stream the video and audio in HD?

These are the sorts of things that we take into account when finding the best online live casinos of 2023.

Make sure to keep checking back at this page for updates. Likewise, you can head over to our review page to see breakdowns of all our live dealer casinos in more detail.

What Is A Live Casino?

Let us start with a simple enough question: what is a live casino?

A live casino is a type of online casino which hosts live dealer games. Live dealer games are live-streamed versions of classic on-land casino games, for example, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and more.

The idea behind live casinos is to strike the middle ground between the online casino experience and the on-land casino experience. They are hybrids between these two concepts and are mostly inventions of the recent past – when internet connections became fast enough for people to be able to stream live video and audio into their homes.

The games consist of live video streams of real-life croupiers in a casino studio, accompanied by a chatroom and a virtual table and betting system. The croupier takes bets just as they would in a live casino, but the bets are all placed on a virtual table on your screen and a corresponding screen in the croupier’s casino studio. The croupier then deals (or spins the roulette wheel), and all the games unfold just as they would in an on-land casino, except they’re in a remote casino studio location being streamed to your laptop.

Live Casino Bonuses

Playing at any casino is great fun, whether on land or online. Playing at casinos with bonus funds is even more fun, and it should be obvious why: bonus money is basically free money, you can keep betting and having fun for longer and not have to worry about your balance.

Live casino bonuses

One problem is that there are a lot of bonuses in the casino market. We know, we know, that’s not really a problem, the more free bonuses the better. But it becomes a problem when you want to be a touch discerning: which bonuses or free spins are the best?

The best live casinos bonuses will be the ones you can find on our live casino bonuses page. We’ve already done all the hard work for you, such as looking at all the variables:

All of these questions, and more, are answered over on our live casino bonuses page. There you’ll also be able to find all of the latest live casino bonuses and any live casino bonus codes that you may need.

Wagering Requirements For Live Casino Games

If you get a bonus for a live casino, or you get a bonus that allows you to fulfil your wagering requirements on live casino games, then we strongly recommend you look at the small print.

Typically, live casino games do not count for a full 100% of a wager when it comes to the wagering requirements on your bonuses. Not only do they not usually count for 100%, but usually each game also differs. So, in some cases live casino blackjack will be worth 50% of a wagering requirement bet, whereas roulette may be worth 75%. Likewise, poker could be 25% and baccarat could be the full 100%.

With these differing across casinos, the best advice we can give is to check the terms and conditions of a casino bonus when you first try to activate it. Also, go to the casino’s general terms and conditions, here they’ll typically list the wagering requirement percentages that aren’t directly related to the bonus in hand.

Live Casino On Mobile

You may be wondering about whether these live casinos will work on that little or large brick inside your pocket (or are you just pleased to see us? Well, wonder no more, the answer is yes – you can play live casino games on mobile.

The situation is a little more complex than the short answer suggests, so it is worth explaining it in a little more detail.

As we now know, live dealer games consist in a live video stream of a croupier, accompanied by a virtual betting table and chat room. These features all require a lot more computing power, take up a lot more memory on your device, and require very fast internet connections. Until recently these were not features on mobile devices. We had 2G internet, small memory capacities, and the first iPhone had only 128MB of ram. This meant, rather obviously, that mobile devices were just not up to scratch, they couldn’t cut the live dealer mustard.

However, as technologies have advanced, our mobile phones are now fully capable of handling all of the tasks associated with live dealer games, and much, much more. Not all game designers provide mobile live casinos, so it’s best to stick with NetEnt’s live dealer games. NetEnt were in fact a leader in the industry, releasing their live mobile casino games only a year after their first live dealer games.

Wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy NetEnt live mobile casino games.

Number Of Live Casino Games

Ever since live casinos became a thing, there’s been a slow and steady increase in the number of live dealer games available online. This is mostly due to the proliferation of game designers each having their own, but also because of an increase for variation in game types.

NetEnt’s live casino games are the best in the industry and they have 8 different live games available to customers. This is not a massive number if you compare it to the thousands of games on offer, however this is still a large number if you compare it to other live dealer game producers’ rosters. Moreover, once an automatic casino game is made, it can be left to run. The 11 NetEnt live casino games aren’t like this and are maintained with a full production crew – especially if, like NetEnt, you run them 24/7.

What To Consider When Choosing a Live Casino Site

Now you know a little more about live casinos, it’s good to start thinking about what features you want when playing, including the software, dealers, games, and security.

Choosing live casino websites


What sort of software do you want to play? What are the game designers that you like when it comes to video slots, do they have live dealer games? How long do you when them to operate? Do you need to download anything?

Thinking about these sorts of software questions will ensure you pick the right platform for you. Choosing NetEnt will also ensure you have the best possible experience available, because they operate 24/7, have CGI green-screen backgrounds to keep things fresh, and they have a strong reputation when it comes to slots.


When choosing dealers, you should ensure that you’re getting the best.

Realistically, however, there is no way on earth that the top game designing companies will put shoddy dealers on a table, and all dealers go through intensive training.

The NetEnt dealer training program is a three-week intensive training program, where dealers will learn everything from card fanning to interpersonal chat skills.


The main pull of a live casino will undoubtedly be the games it has on offer. Some casinos feature more live dealer games than others, but some casinos focus more on quality than quantity.

A sure-fire way to get the best is to look for NetEnt live casinos. They have 8 live dealer games, running 24/7, with the best croupiers and production value in the market.


The security of a live casino is essential. Many sites will use extra encryption for the data that you send over the live casino lines and will have extra firewalls on their live casino servers.

The games themselves are also monitored for security purposes, and to ensure that everyone in the chats are treated with respect. Not everyone online is polite and respectful at all times, and NetEnt ensure that you’ll always feel safe thanks to their security team.

Netent Casino Live Casino Tips

NetEnt live casino tipsPlaying at the best live casinos online is only about 70% of the hard work, the remaining 30% has to be done by you. You have to bring your best self to the table if you’re going to have as much fun as possible, so here are some tips to ensure that you’re doing everything properly.

NetEnt Live Casino tips:

  • Make sure that you have read through the rules of the casino game that you’re playing, along with the casino’s rules about play.
  • Make sure your account is topped up so that you don’t have to leave a table during play.
  • Check the RTP for the games that you want to play, so you know if its high or low enough for your tastes, along with checking the volatility, so you know if the game is the right type for your style of play.
  • If you have any questions about the specifics of the game while you’re playing, don’t hesitate to ask the dealer, because they’ll always answer your questions.
  • Make the most of talking with the other players, this will enhance your social gameplay.
  • Never speak abusively in the chatroom. NetEnt will immediately shut you out of the chat if you do.

Aside from this, just make sure you have fun!

Should I Worry About My Internet Connection When Playing At Live Casinos?

Knowing what you now know about the live-streamed video, and the potential for having it in HD in some cases, you may want to know about your internet connection. You may want to know whether or not you should worry about your internet connection while playing at live casinos.

Well, you should be a little worried, because you want to make sure that it is both fast enough, and that it is not prone to going down. Often it will fail if it is not fast enough to stream properly, or because your wireless internet connection is weak, or because of any other problem with your local network. But, if your internet is fast enough, and your local network isn’t prone to going down, then you don’t need to worry.

But, what happens if you do lose internet connection while playing at live casinos? Well, usually the casino will either make you automatically stand, your bet won’t be accepted, or you’ll automatically fold. All of this depends upon how long you lose your internet connection for. If it’s 5 seconds, then nothing will probably happen. If it is long enough for it to come back to your chance to bet again, then something certainly will – the casino forces time limits on betting, out of respect for other players’ gaming experiences.

Ultimately, then, you don’t need to worry about your internet connection, but you should be aware of it. We also suggest checking out the rules at your chosen NetEnt live casino.

Can I Play Live Casino Games For Free?

The short answer is yes, yes you can. But this depends on the casino that you’re playing at, and for most casinos you still need to be a member to demo the live casino games.

You can’t just click the link to the NetEnt live dealer games and try them. You have to sign up to a casino first if you want to demo a live game, and then you’ll have to have signed up to casino that does offer that.

If you’re not too worried about your bonus money, then you can use your bonus money as a makeshift bonus mode. Alternatively, you can try the non-live video version of the table game that you’re interested in playing, learn the rules, and then start playing at the live casino.

As long as you look around, you’ll be able to find a way to play for free and to learn the rules of a given game before you have to start wagering.

Which Live Casino Games Should I Try?

Maybe your appetite is growing a little, and you want to wet your whistle with a live casino game. But which live casino games should you try?

The first thing to say is that whatever games you decide to play first, you should try the NetEnt live casino games. NetEnt’s games are without a doubt the best in the industry. They have the best live dealers, from all over the globe, speaking in many different languages. They also run all of their live dealer games 24/7, meaning they never stop. These are two features that mean anyone, anywhere, wherever you are from, can play NetEnt live casino games.

After opting for NetEnt live casino games, which ones specifically should you play? Well, this obviously depends upon your tastes about games. And, the easiest way to determine which are the games for you is to focus on what games you like to play in on-land casinos.

If you like roulette, then you should try NetEnt’s Live HD Roulette, Roulette Pro, Roulette VIP and Auto Roulette. If you like blackjack, then you should try either NetEnt’s HD Live Blackjack, Live Blackjack Pro, Live Blackjack VIP or Live Common Draw Blackjack.

Will I Need To Download Software Before Playing?

So, you’re thinking that live casino games all sound great, and maybe you’d like to start playing. But you know that some of these live streams are bandwidth-heavy and that some of the tech can require good computing power. But, you may be asking yourself ‘do I need to download software before playing live casino games?’.

The short answer is mostly no.

However, the long answer is maybe, depending on a few different factors.

Some live dealer games have both online and downloadable versions. Some online casinos have mobile optimised sites, and some have downloadable apps. When playing at an online casinos that have mobile compatible websites, you can also claim the no deposit bonus on your mobile device.  Some games will require up to date internet browsing software, like Adobe Flash etc., but others won’t.

Luckily, to save any confusion, NetEnt do not require you to download anything. You can have enjoy the ease of simply navigating to your favourite online casino through your browser and accessing the industry leading live dealer games. No fuss and no fretting. NetEnt have this one covered.

Live Casino Games Vs Landbased Casino Games

If it is not obvious by now, the invention of live casino games was an attempt to bridge the gap between on-land casinos and online casinos. The idea was that live casinos would be a middle ground between the online experience of comfort in your home, and the on-land experience of real-life fun. The question, though, is how do they compare?

Live vs land-based casinos

When it comes to live casino games vs land-based casino games, which are the ones that we should prefer and why?

The pros of online live casino games are:

  • You can play live casino games from the comfort of your home.
  • You can play mobile live casino games wherever you are, as long as you have a good internet connection.
  • You can interact in the chat rooms with all of the other players, bringing a social element to the fun.
  • You can go straight to your fridge or kettle to keep your snack levels up while playing at home

The pros of on-land casino games are:

  • You can play alongside other real players and croupiers, bringing a social element to the game.
  • You get the real life feel of the chips and the table whilst you’re playing.
  • When you play at on-land based casinos you can also often relax in a bar and restaurant after your winnings.

These are all the good points of these two styles of casino game play. The best thing about both, though, is that you can do both. Sometimes you can play online, and sometimes you can play on-land. Perfect!

Where Are The Live Casinos Streamed From?

By far one of the best things about the live casino games in that they’re streamed live and you’re able to chat with the dealer. You can, basically, talk to them about anything you want. You can even ask them for advice on the rules of the game, or what their favourite meals are.

These croupiers can also feel a little mysterious, because, after all the questions have been asked, one remains: where are live casino games streamed from?

Well, we can only speak for the NetEnt live casino games, other companies will differ. But NetEnt live casino games are streamed mostly from Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The sunny archipelago of Malta is home to the NetEnt live casino studio. Here you will find all of their state-of-the-art technology dedicated to running a smooth ship, along with their highly trained dealers, and their pretty impressive CGI department.

The Safety Of Live Casino

How safe are live casinos?Our readers have come to know of us that we only offer them sound advice and that we only ever tell them casinos are safe and secure whilst playing online. The exact same goes for live casinos, no differences whatsoever. Whatever you find here on our live casinos page you can guarantee that they’ll be safe to play at.

Obviously, if you want to know more, than you can check out our detailed reviews of each of the live casinos that we highlight you to. Here there’s a tonne more detail about why the site is reputable and reliable.

In addition to this, NentEnt Live casino is operated out of Malta, so they will be, to a certain extent, bound by the fair play laws there. Likewise, NetEnt themselves are based in Sweden, which has one of the best legal systems in the world. If a casino has NetEnt, and we tell you about it, then it’s almost certainly safe to play at.

If you want more confirmation, then you can check out the casinos’ credentials for yourself. Look out for the following things:

  • What licences does the live casino have? Are they reputable licences, or are they less reputable, lesser-known licences?
  • What are the customer service options like? Are they easy to use, or are they making it hard for you to get in touch with them?
  • What sort of encryption does the site use? Does it list what it is?
  • Who audits the site? How often does it happen? Where can you see that information?

Keeping these questions always at the front of your mind should ensure you’re always safe at live casinos.

Live Casino Games Aren’t Always 24/7

Last but not least is the timeframes of live casino games: how long do they operate for?

Live casinos can operate for as long as their live games do, because, in essence, the live casino is nothing more than the collection of live dealer games. So, as long as the live dealer games are running, then the live casino is running too.

But why would live dealer games not always be running like a video slot or jackpot? The answer is simple: because they’re live, they’re run by real people.

Live dealer games require much more manpower and man-hours than video slots. You have a team of croupiers in front of every camera, dealing cards, taking bets, and just holding everything together. Then, behind the screen, you have cameramen filming everything, along with tech-folks monitoring the chat and bets. Finally, you’ll have a producer who’ll be at the helm, keeping everything in check.

To keep all of this constantly running is no mean feat, and not all providers can do this. NetEnt, however, keep their live casino studio running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, their live dealer games will never stop, and that means all of the live casinos we list here will never stop.

Don’t worry if you’re concerned about the number of games available to you either, as NetEnt have done their utmost to offer an expansive portfolio. Take a look at the classic table games that are available to you live from around the iGaming sphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Live Casino Games?

    Live Casino Games are classic casino table games that are played with real croupiers and streamed from studios around the world. These games are available from many online casinos and are usually provided by gaming providers such as Evolution and NetEnt.

  • How Do I Play At Live Casino?

    Casinos with live casino games are very common and most online casinos take on live game operators such as Evolution or NetEnt to provide numerous interactive tables for poker, blackjack and roulette. If you’re unsure whether a certain casino offers the Live games you’re looking for, please feel free to check our reviews to find out.

  • How Can I Watch Live Casino Online?

    In order to watch regular live casino action at a casino offering live tables, you’ll first need to sign in and then you’ll be able to head over to the live streams to watch the action. NetEnt games, on the other hand, all have live demos that you can access that shows pre-recorded footage.

  • What Is Live Blackjack?

    Live Blackjack is online blackjack that’s run by real croupiers/deals streamed from studios around the world. You can play Blackjack just as you would at a land-based casino but from the comfort of your own living room, or on the go if you don’t mind sacrificing your much-treasured data.

  • How To Play Live Roulette?

    To play Live Roulette you simply need to find a casino that offers Live Casino roulette games and then create an account. You’ll be able to watch the action without betting as long as you’re signed in, but, to actually bet, you’ll need to deposit cash into your account.
    The live version of Roulette functions almost exactly like the real-life version but will understandably take a few minutes to get used to. You’ll be able to interact with the croupiers who are hosting the game who are there to speak with players and spin the wheel.

  • Is Live Poker Easier Than Online?

    Playing poker online is very similar to playing in person, but the experience is definitely different as you can’t see the people you’re playing against and are therefore unable to read their expressions or sweaty palms while you play.
    Still, what you can do online is play without any distractions,  make notes on your competitors and play discreetly and strategically. There’s no evidence to suggest that Live Poker is any easier than playing the game for real but it certainly is a different experience.

  • Where Can I Play A Live Casino?

    A live casino is nothing more than a collection of live dealer games. These are usually found in a specific section of a casino site, often called something like ‘live casino’, ‘live’, or ‘live dealer games’. Live casinos, then, because they’re nothing more than a collection of live dealer games on an online casino site, can all be found at online casino sites.

    Once you’ve found your desired online casino featuring live dealer games, then finding them on the site should be easy. Look for the live dealer section, or just use the search function of the site and look for ‘live’.

    The harder thing is to choose your desired online casino site in the first place. To save you a lot of time, effort, and worry, we’ve collated all of the online casinos featuring live casinos. You can choose from this helpful list of live casinos without having to do the research yourself. You can also see which of these online casinos offer bonuses, free spins, or other promotions, and this should help you make your choice.

  • Are Live Casino Games Rigged?

    Live casino games are certainly not rigged, and there is no chance that can be. All of the games are live streams and operate like real casinos. There are cameras pointed at all points of action, recording everything which happens. So, if you ever have a complaint, a complete recording of all the details of what happened will be there on record.

    Live casino games also have to be audited by outside companies, just like video slots do. Moreover, this whole process has to be transparent, and the findings have to easily available. So, any rigging of the games will quickly be found out.

    Players can 100% trust NetEnt live dealer games and live casinos.

  • Can I Talk With Live Dealers?

    The live dealers can and do speak, verbally, to you the player, but your talkback is limited to a chat function. In other words, they can speak out loud and you can type in an instant message chat room.

    So, you can talk via chat, but what can and can’t you say?

    Well, everything that’s said is monitored by a compliance team, which is, in part, there to protect other players and the dealers.

    We would all like to think that people can be respectful and polite, but there will always be people who think the rules of social norms don’t apply to them – one glance at Twitter will show you that.