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top 10 twitch casino streamers

What Are We Even Talking About?

One of the biggest, and perhaps, in certain respects, the most surprising trends to hit the world of online games in recent years has been the rise of live streaming. In just a few shorts years, this relatively niche pastime has fully entered into the mainstream, with celebrities and politicians alike even getting in on the action.

The platform, Twitch, spun off in 2011, was originally created in 2007 as a single channel dedicated to broadcasting the daily life of Justin Kan. Fast-forward a few years, following an acquisition by the online retail and streaming behemoth Amazon, Twitch has experienced a meteoric rise. As of February 2020, Twitch boasts a network of 3 million broadcasters, 15 million daily active users, and an average of 1.4 million concurrent users.

Over time, the live-streaming phenomenon has expanded to include a range of other activities beyond video games. These include chess, live music, a variety of real-world activities, as well as the ever-popular ‘just chatting’ category. One of the rising stars within this alternative category of popular streaming activities is online casinos. Over the last couple of years, online casino streaming has well and truly established itself as one of the many popular streaming activities to tune into.

Beyond entertaining casino fans, however, these streamers are managing to make themselves a solid bit of extra change from live-streaming their slot runs. For a number of the more popular streamers, this has reached a point where it is now a viable source of income for them. With all that said, however, who are the top online slot streamers out there and, more importantly, how much are they making?

Top 10 Highest Earning Twitch Slot Streamers

With live casino Twitch streaming becoming increasingly popular, there are a number of streamers using the platform to make not just a viable income but a very comfortable one at that! Although these streamers aren’t making quite the same yearly income as some of the highest-earning videogame streamers out there — vanilla vgame streamer, NickMercs, for example, pockets an estimated $385,000 each month from his channel — they are nevertheless turning this niche pastime into a viable career path. With that said, however, the top casino slot streamers are catching up quick…

The Cream of the Crop: The Top 10 Twitch Casino Streamers



estimated monthly earnings


Although it is still a relatively small selection to choose from, Roshtein is without question the biggest name in the casino streaming world. With a loyal following of fans not far off half a million, Roshtein is truly blazing a trail in the casino streaming world. With an active following across Twitch, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Roshtein is clearly putting in the effort to make a name for himself in this fledgling world of live casino streaming. But how much does Roshtein make?

According to publicly available data, by the time we add in sponsorship deals and ad revenue, Roshtein’s earnings per video are estimated to be around €164,822 — not bad in the grand scheme of things! Roshtein owes this to a viewership of around 480,111 Twitch followers, with his average Twitch viewership hitting around 8,105. To earn this sum, however, Roshtein has had to put in some serious legwork. So far, he has streamed around 7,322 hours to date. This puts him easily at the top of the big-leagues of online casino streamers, with his hat now becoming somewhat of a trademark, in addition to his sometimes gut-wrenchingly high wagers!

  • age 24
  • Twitch Followers 480,411
  • Twitch Subscribers 6005
  • Youtube Subscribers 48,800
The Cream of the Crop: The Top 10 Twitch Casino Streamers

Classy Beef


estimated monthly earnings


Classybeef is a Malta-based casino streaming channel that produces some of the most adrenaline-filled content around. Classybeef’s slightly absurd name is indicative of the kind of content you can expect to find on its Twitch channel, which provides fast-paced casino gaming action delivered with a unique sense of humor. Some of the biggest wins on the Classybeef channel make for incredibly compelling viewing, and the highlight videos uploaded to YouTube have garnered millions of views. But how much does Classybeef make? For an average viewership of 1,838 per video, Classybeef nets a cool €30,566 per video — not a bad sum, all things considered!

  • age 29
  • Twitch Followers 141,000
  • Twitch Subscribers 1762
  • Youtube Subscribers 20,500
Deuce Ace Twitch Earnings



estimated monthly earnings


While he may not necessarily be the biggest name in casino streaming — although he is certainly trying his best to change that — DeuceAce can perhaps make a claim to being one of the most engaging. Despite being a relatively young channel compared to some of the bigger players, DeuceAce has managed to amass a sizeable following of well over 104,000 Twitch followers since starting his channel within the last year. Since then, he has truly gone from strength to strength and now draws in an average viewership of 5,612 viewers on any given streaming day. Fans love DeuceAce for his quick-witted quips, jokes, insights about the game, and the level of viewer engagement he brings with each live stream. With estimated earnings hitting a cool 22,975.00 euros per video, whatever DeuceAce is doing, it is clearly working! There is not necessarily a key video of his you need to get up to speed with, as DeuceAce is one of the few streamers putting out content on a daily basis. For that reason, any point is good to jump in!

  • age 32
  • Twitch Followers 104,000
  • Twitch Subscribers 1300
  • Youtube Subscribers 838
Xposed Twitch Casino Streamer



estimated monthly earnings


Although his Twitch stream tends to cover a variety of online casino games, Xposed is one of the biggest names in the Twitch streaming space. Xposed’s Twitch channel is run by the 24-year-old gaming fanatic Cody, who has been pumping out content since 2015. This effort has amassed him a very respectable viewership that now numbers close to 409,000, making him one of the biggest players in this space. Although he has a respectable resume in online games such as Call of Duty, Xposed is clearly a highly skilled casino gamer. In one of the videos on his channel, he even managed to score a $20,000 win on the Dog House Slot game. But how much does Xposed make? From his impressive total following, he pockets an estimated €15,244 per video. While this is no small pocket change, for sure, Xposed isn't yet quite hitting the top-drawer sponsorship deals seen on the likes of Roshtein's channel. When he does, watch his earnings boom!

  • age 24
  • Twitch Followers 409,000
  • Twitch Subscribers 5112
  • Youtube Subscribers 103,000
CasinoDaddy Twitch Earnings

Casino Daddy


estimated monthly earnings


Casinodaddy is the name given to the Twitch channel run by three brothers from Sweden who run one of the most-watched live casino channels in this space. In terms of the content they produce, Casinodaddy tend to stick to high-stakes casino games and are particularly fond of poker. However, they have dabbled in slots as well. They have quickly become a fan favorite for the frenetic content they put out, which is amplified by the undeniable on-screen chemistry these three brothers have between them. Since starting their channel, they have amassed a loyal following of 164,000 avid fans, which net them a cool 6,051.00 euros each per video — which is, of course, in addition to the sizable chunk of cash they win! If you are looking for a comedic trio that brings ample fun to online casino streaming, Casinodaddy could be just the channel for you!

  • age 27
  • Twitch Followers 164,000
  • Twitch Subscribers 2050
  • Youtube Subscribers 70,100


If you can’t quite believe the sums these people are making, here it is presented in a spreadsheet. ‘Cos spreadsheets are scientific and accurate and things.

Streamer Twitch Followers Twitch Subscribers Current paid sub Tier 1 + tier 2 + tier 3 Average twitch viewers Youtube Subscribers Estimated monthly earning
Roshtein 480,411 6005 €13,812 8105 48,800 €3,296,440
Classy Beef 141,000 1762 €12,574 1838 20,500 $611,320
DeuceAce 104,000 1300 $10,285 5612 838 €459,500
Xposed 409,000 5112 $3,898 923 103,000 €304,880
Casino Daddy 164,000 2050 €12,333 1675 70,100 €121,020
MarkoLASSO 26,700 333 €6,482 1233 1520 €119,340
bidule 133,000 1662 €6,702 2290 58,500 €81,980
Letsgiveitaspin 57,000 712 €4,855 661 75,700 €64,300
daskelelele 62,800 785 €4,680 624 40,300 €53,860
Nickslots 29,800 372 £741 367 39,500 €3,380
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How Do Twitch Streamers Earn Money?

How do they make these earnings?

Although we have focused on the earnings they make directly through their Twitch channels, there are, in reality, a number of different ways that Twitch streamers can make money. The most immediately obvious of these is through their affiliate program, which allows them to earn cash directly through their Twitch account. As users subscribe directly to their channel, streamers will make a percentage of the subscription cost, with the rest going directly to Twitch.

This isn’t the only income source streamers have available, however. In fact, for the savvy streamer, there are a number of possible income streams such as direct in-stream advertisements, partnerships with channels, and deals with brands. Another obvious income source is donations, which come on a voluntary basis from fans of the channel. Additionally, popular streamers might be able to secure sponsorship deals off the platform on other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Of course, a savvy selection of slots to draw in the viewers and earnings is also a key part of any streamer’s success. Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt, and Thor’s Vengeance and Wings of Ra are only a few examples of popular slots sure to engage any viewership.

Top Twitch Streamers Casino

Other streamers who just missed out

Beyond the big names mentioned above, there are also a number of other smaller, but no less entertaining, streamers beginning to make a name for themselves.

For example, JugiPelaa is an up-and-coming casino streamer from Finland who has spun his streaming channel into a multimedia empire that spans various social media channels, YouTube, as well as a podcast. JugiPelaa is a hit on YouTube and has amassed thousands of views on his €53,000 win on TikiTumble.

Another up and comer is Teuf, who is one of the many French streamers entering into this space. Although not necessarily boasting the biggest casino wins we have seen, Teuf is much loved by French streaming fans who tune in for his hilarious antics and quick wits. For this reason, his YouTube channel is well worth a look and is home to fairly incredible wins, including an €150,000 win on Reactoonz.

Finally, we also can’t forget to mention TheLateNightSlots, which is the streaming channel of two Maltese slots fans. With a truly unique style, TheLateNightSlots are quickly making a name for themselves. Although boasting a relatively modest following, they have still managed to amass some fairly incredible wins to date, such as an epic run on Morgana, which saw them net a x1,263 surprise win.