Type of payment: Credit card, pre-paid card or instant bank transfer

What is TrustPay?

TrustPay acts as an online payment “gateway”, allowing customers to make online payments by using either:

  • Their Visa or MasterCard credit card;
  • Their internet banking account;
  • A Paysafecard;
  • Their TrustPay account.

This means of course there are four different procedures to carry out a TrustPay payment over the internet. Besides providing his or her e-mail address and the currency in which the payment will be made, the payer needs to choose one of these methods on the page that appears when TrustPay is chosen as payment option on the check out page of a website.

  • If a Visa or MasterCard payment is chosen a new TrustPay page will open on which the credit card data (card number, CVV code, card expiry date etc.) needs to be filled in;
  • If a payment by internet banking transfer is chosen the payer is re-directed to a page that holds all bank account information of TrustPay that must be used to make a money transfer by online banking. If however the proper country of the payer is chosen, a certain amount of direct links will appear to the banks in his or her country that are connected to the TrustPay system. In that case the payer with one mouse-click can end up on the login page of his or her own bank and directly access the internet banking account. In either way of course subsequently the normal internet banking money transfer procedure needs to be executed.
  • If the Paysafecard option is chosen the payer on a new appearing page is asked to provide the 16 digit Paysafecard PIN code (or various, up to 10, until the value of the added codes equals the value of the payment). TrustPay Paysafecard payments are only available for citizens from some 35 countries;
  • If a payment made with the TrustPay account is chosen, which is basically an e-wallet, the payer needs to be registered at the TrustPay service and has to have uploaded funds on the account. To make the payment the TrustPay account payment the Personal Identification (PID) code needs to be provided as well as the account’s access password.

All the above TrustPay payment options are free of service fees, carried out instantly and completely anonymous as none of the information provided by the user to TrustPay is disclosed to any third parties.

Paying with TrustPay in an online casino

Also paying in an online casino to upgrade the funds on the casino account is done by one of the four above described procedures. It might occur an online casino doesn’t accept all forms of making TrustPay payments (simply because Visa / MasterCard and Paysafecard will be listed as separate payment options).

As payments made with TrustPay are executed and completed virtually instantly the deposited funds will be immediately available on the casino account.

Withdrawing with TrustPay in an online casino

We haven’t come across any online casino that also allows withdrawals by using the TrustPay online money transfer method

Advantages of using TrustPay

The most important advantages of the TrustPay online payment gateways are:

  • TrustPay transactions are as safe as normal bank transfers as the transfers by TrustPay are subject to the same security and safety standards;
  • The payments are carried out quick, in real-time and concluded almost instantly;
  • A TrustPay payment is made anonymously (as the recipient won’t receive any personal or banking data of the payer);
  • Except for a TrustPay Account payment there’s no need to subscribe to the service;
  • No fees are charged for using the service.

Disadvantages of using TrustPay

The main disadvantages of TrustPay as a method for online casino banking are:

  • The service is only available for citizens from one of the 14 countries that also have a credit card issued by or hold a bank account at one of the participating financial institutions;
  • No withdrawals from the casino account can be made with TrustPay.

Where to pay with TrustPay?

TrustPay as an option to deposit funds to your casino account is accepted by quite some online casinos. Have a look at the side bar of this page to find out which Netent Casinos in our guide support TrustPay deposits.

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