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What are VIP Casino Rewards?

VIP status at an online casino is only awarded to players who have proven their loyalty over a period of time. By depositing and wagering large sums of real money, players are identified by individual casinos and made eligible for exclusive benefits befitting this title.

You will have probably seen lots of these programmes in effect at multiple online casinos during your time playing. Their purpose is to further player engagement through a rewarding multi-tiered progression system. Each time you ‘level up’ you will unlock new and improved rewards whilst continuing your journey to becoming a fully-fledged VIP.

Whilst the biggest and the best rewards are set aside for those who have already attained VIP status, you can still receive some impressive perks right from the start. A lot of online casinos will offer welcome packages along with annual birthday bonuses as soon as you sign up and start playing.

As you progress through their ranks you can earn such things as: an increasing number of free spins on your favourite slots, higher deposit and withdrawal limits and even cashback on your losses. You don’t need to do anything special to reap these rewards, just continue to play at your selected casino for real money and you will start to enjoy some of these amazing extras!

Why Should You Join Casinos For VIP Rewards?

Ultimately, if your intention is to spend a great amount of time and money at an online casino, then you want to be rewarded for doing so. You want to feel as though the virtual red carpet is being rolled out every time you enter your online casino of choice and that you will be treated as a guest of honour.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be amongst the ranks of high rollers and VIPs, you should definitely take advantage of any extras that casinos offer. The VIP programmes which are in place can earn you a massive amount of benefits that will only heighten your overall experience.

The truth is, if you’re part of a VIP programme at an online casino, even when you lose you’re still kind of winning. Every wager that you make counts towards earning the next VIP rank or increasing potential cashback bonuses. So, if you’re going to be playing anyway, it makes sense to enroll in one of these programmes where they’re available.

How Do VIP Programmes Work?

You can join VIP programmes at online casinos, just like their land-based counterparts, in a number of ways, which depend on a specific casino’s requirements.

Some online casinos will automatically give players an entry-level VIP status as soon as they sign up and make a deposit. By wagering higher amounts and progressing through a multi-tiered VIP system, you will eventually receive the full range of benefits on offer.

Alternatively, and more typically, online casinos will require players to deposit a certain amount of money within a specific period of time. Once these requirements have been met they will automatically be granted VIP status.

Finally, some of the more traditional casinos do not have an automatic system in place to award a player with VIP standing. These casinos will specifically invite players into their VIP programme once they have deemed them worthy of such rewards. Again, this is usually a result of playing at higher stakes and with a much bigger bankroll.

If a VIP programme is based around a multiple tier system, which seems to be a common trend, then your progression is usually determined by how many points you can accumulate.

These points are awarded at different rates when wagering for real money on various games. Typically, the fastest way to accrue these points is to play on video slots as they tend to have lower wagering requirements. Fans of other casino games such as: blackjack, roulette and poker needn’t worry, as they will also earn points, just at a slower rate.

As an example, in the table below, you can find the most common rates at which points are awarded on selected games.


Games Wager (£/$/€) typically needed to earn 1 loyalty point.
Video Slots 10
Progressive Slots 20
Scratchcards 10
Arcade/Asian Games 10
Poker & Other Card Games 30
Roulette 40
Baccarat 60
Video Poker 100

Which Casinos Have The Best VIP Rewards?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online casinos operating all over the web in fierce competition with each other to attract new players. Choosing the right one to play at, depending on its VIP rewards, can seem a daunting task. After all, you’re looking to commit to playing regularly at a specific casino and not hopping around sampling what’s on offer elsewhere.

Our aim is to guide you towards the best online casinos that offer impressive VIP rewards, thus we’ve done the necessary research, so you don’t have to!

Dream Vegas

As a member of the Dream Vegas VIP club, you can gain entry into their Silver, Gold and Platinum lounges where a number of exciting rewards await!

Every level will offer you greater benefits that Dream Vegas’ casino concierges will tailor to suit your gameplay. You can expect: priority customer support, bespoke cashback offers, higher bonus rewards, private VIP events and even a lavish birthday gift!

There is a fourth level to Dream Vegas’ VIP journey which is by invite only, the exclusive Salon Privé. You can apply for access to the highest VIP level if you are already an elite player at another casino and, if successful, the details of the benefits included will be forwarded to you.

Dream Vegas do hint at some thrilling perks: “Would you enjoy breakfast in Paris or a dinner and a show (Cirque du Soleil) in Vegas…?”

Temple Nile Casino

A VIP service worthy of a Pharaoh is on offer at Temple Nile Casino. Again their VIP programme is divided into 3 groups, along with an exclusive invite-only Premium Lounge.

As you progress through the levels of this programme, you will receive the benefits listed below.


  • 24 priority support service
  • Tailor-made VIP calendar
  • Regular VIP Bonus Codes
  • Up to 100 Bonus awarded to new Silver upgrades
  • Silver Exclusive VIP offers every week
  • Additional Temple Bazaar offers and discounts


  • Dedicated VIP Account Manager
  • Faster Withdrawals
  • Up to €350 onus awarded to new Gold Upgrades.
  • Private VIP Events & Promotions
  • Private Tournaments on a regular basis for selected customers
  • Additional Temple Bazaar offers and discounts


  • Private Email and a contact number to reach your account manager at your own convenience
  • Same Day Withdrawal
  • Seasonal Loyalty and Birthday gifts
  • Tailor-made offers to suit your individual high roller play-style
  • Invitations to VIP holidays & events
  • Additional Temple Bazaar offers and discounts


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Mr Green

Mr Green’s exclusive Club Royale is a VIP programme where membership is awarded by invite only. As a member, you’ll discover a new realm of entertainment that includes bespoke promotions, once-in-a-lifetime adventures and a one-to-one concierge service that you can only expect from the gentleman himself!

In the past, members of Club Royale have been treated to exciting adventures in the Bahamas and Las Vegas, so if you think you’re eligible to take part in this VIP extravaganza, head on over to Mr Green and apply for membership now!


Karamba’s VIP programme begins from the moment you start playing. You will earn reward points that can be converted into free bonus cash as you climb the VIP ladder. As you progress, you will unlock great rewards and even more benefits!

Check out the lists below for all of the exciting features of Karamba’s VIP programme!

Welcome Package:

  • New Member: Standard Welcome Offer
  • Bronze VIP: 25 Free Games
  • Silver VIP: 50 Free Games
  • Gold VIP: 50 Free Games
  • Platinum VIP:
    • Day 1: €50 Bonus
    • Day 2: Bonus on all deposits
    • Day 3: Exclusive cashback offer
  • Premium VIP:
    • Day 1: €50 Bonus
    • Day 2: Upgraded Bonuses on all deposits
    • Day 3: Personal offer from your personal account manager
  • Prestige VIP:
    • Day 1: €100 Bonus Cash
    • Day 2: 50 Free Prestige Games
    • Day 3: Personal offer from your personal account manager.

Fast Cash Out Process

  • New Member: Yes
  • Bronze VIP: Yes
  • Silver VIP: Yes
  • Gold VIP: Yes
  • Platinum VIP: EXPRESS
  • Premium VIP: EXPRESS
  • Prestige VIP: EXPRESS

Free Play Sunday

  • New Member: No Free Games
  • Bronze VIP: 5 Free Games
  • Silver VIP: 10 Free Games
  • Gold VIP: 20 Free Games
  • Platinum VIP: 40 Free Games
  • Premium VIP: 50 Free Games
  • Prestige VIP: 50 Free Games

VIP Live Tournaments

  • New Member: No
  • Bronze VIP: Yes
  • Silver VIP: Yes
  • Gold VIP: Yes
  • Platinum VIP: Yes
  • Premium VIP: Yes
  • Prestige VIP: Yes

Higher Deposit and Cashout Limits

  • New Member: No
  • Bronze VIP: No
  • Silver VIP: No
  • Gold VIP: No
  • Platinum VIP: Yes
  • Premium VIP: Yes
  • Prestige VIP: Yes

Personalised Offers

  • New Member: No
  • Bronze VIP: No
  • Silver VIP: No
  • Gold VIP: No
  • Platinum VIP: Yes
  • Premium VIP: Yes
  • Prestige VIP: Yes

Personal Account Manager

  • New Member: No
  • Bronze VIP: No
  • Silver VIP: No
  • Gold VIP: No
  • Platinum VIP: Yes
  • Premium VIP: Yes
  • Prestige VIP: Yes

Monthly Cashback

  • New Member: No
  • Bronze VIP: No
  • Silver VIP: No
  • Gold VIP: No
  • Platinum VIP: Yes – Level 1
  • Premium VIP: Yes – Level 2
  • Prestige VIP: Yes – Level 3

This is definitely one of the fullest and most comprehensive collection of VIP Bonuses. Give Karamba a go now by clicking above!

Do VIP Rewards Give Out More Free Spins On Slots?

If you’re a devoted video slot player, as a VIP, you can expect to receive free spins on some of your favourite games and these can be awarded in a number of ways.

A lot of VIP programmes have a specific section that is dedicated to free spins on video slots. As you progress through the multiple levels that the programme has to offer, you will receive an increasing amount of these valuable free spins. They are typically credited on a weekly basis, so you can stand a chance of winning even more funds quite regularly!

Also, if you are officially a VIP at an online casino, you may have access to a personalised rewards scheme. If your games of choice are video slots then these rewards will be suited to this preference. This shows the level of care and commitment on the casinos’ part, which any high-rolling VIP would expect.

What Does VIP Status At An Online Casino Entitle You To?

If you’ve received the luxurious title of VIP at your selected casino, you’re likely to benefit from all of the rewards that the programme has to offer. These premium perks can vary depending upon which casino you are a VIP at, but you can typically expect to receive the following enhancements:

  • A dedicated VIP account manager:

If you’ve never been part of an exclusive VIP club before, this perk may not seem especially important to you. However, for those who play with a greatly increased bankroll, it is highly advantageous.

Having somebody on hand, to personally answer any queries 24 hours a day, instills greater peace of mind when playing for such high stakes.

  • Exclusive offers and bonuses tailored to your playstyle:

VIP casino players enjoy personalised bonuses, which are designed specifically to suit their needs. Whether you’re an avid enthusiast of video slots or prefer a seat at the table games, you can expect these bonuses to match your particular preferences.

  • Invitations to prestigious and luxurious events:

Once you’ve been inducted into the hall of VIPs, you can expect to receive invitations to some of the casino’s most glamourous galas. These can include anything from trips abroad to exclusive tournaments, holidays at special casino resorts and even sporting events.

  • Increased deposit limits & faster withdrawals:

As a VIP high roller, you have the added advantage of being able to deposit more funds to play with in order to maximise your potential payouts. Once you have decided to request a withdrawal, it will be processed in a much quicker time.

  • Special and unique gifts:

At certain times throughout the year, high roller casinos reward their VIPs with tailor-made gifts. On special occasions, including your birthday, a special surprise may be waiting for you!

  • Access to VIP-only games:

You may be granted access to a range of game specifically designed for VIPs. Higher bet limits, bigger prizes and increased jackpots are usually available on these titles, so you have the chance to win some extraordinary payouts!

In addition to this, you can be amongst the first to play the latest and most exciting game releases before they’re made available to the general public.

On top of all of these amazing benefits, certain online casinos will immediately induct you into their VIP programme if you have already achieved that status elsewhere. It is worth mentioning, however, that this is entirely at their own discretion and may not always be the case.

What are the Advantages Of Having A Casino VIP Card?

VIP cards are more often than not associated with land-based casinos, but they are also issued at some of their online counterparts. If your online casino believes you’re eligible to receive the perks that come in conjunction with having a VIP card, then you may be sent one through the mail.

What’s more likely however, is instead of issuing a physical card, your online account will be upgraded by the casino. If this happens, all of the perks, rewards and bonuses that are applied will be readily accessible whenever you log in.

As opposed to the free drinks and other physical rewards you may get at a land-based casino, these perks will be more cash-oriented. This way, you’ll get more bang for your buck and can continue to spin away on your favourite slots or retain your place at the tables!

Bigger Bonuses & Casino Rewards

As a Very Important Person at an online casino, you will be eligible for increased rewards. Operators want to keep you engaged for longer and will typically offer bigger bonuses to players who have achieved elite status.

These may include increased deposit bonuses, more cashback on your losses and extra free spins on some of the best video slots. What’s more is that, as a VIP, you will typically have a personal account manager who you can contact. They may even be able to tailor specific bonuses and rewards to your style of play, it’s worth asking!

There are other benefits to being a VIP too. You may be invited to casino events located all around the world at no expense of your own. Members of Mr Green’s Club Royale have been flown to the Bahamas and Las Vegas over the years, so you may want to renew your passport and make sure you have a travel bag ready to go!

Redeemable Points

Redeemable points (otherwise known as comp or loyalty points) can be earned at a number of top online casinos. These can be converted into real cash or other exciting prizes.

At participating casinos, such as Dream Vegas, you will earn points every time you wager a certain amount. When you have accumulated enough of them, you can redeem them for a fixed amount of bonus funds. In Dream Vegas’ case, you will receive £5 for every 1,000 points redeemed.

At other casinos, the points aren’t redeemed directly for cash, but for other appealing rewards. For example, at Temple Nile Casino you will earn a number of Temple Tokens for every £10 that you wager.

These Temple Tokens can be exchanged for a number of tangible rewards including laptops, mobile phones, shopping vouchers and even a VIP holiday! Obviously, you will need to have accumulated a massive amount of these tokens for the very best prizes, but you can also redeem a smaller number of Temple Tokens for free spins on your favourite slots!