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What is NetEnt Game Developer?

An Multi-Award-Winning Casino Games Developer!

NetEnt is a software supplier of casino games like video slots, blackjack, roulette, scratch cards, and so on, which are supplied to online casinos. So, when you are playing at an online casino, it may very well be that you can also play exactly the same NetEnt game in another online casino.

Est. 1996

A Brief History of NetEnt

A NetEnt production means that the game you are loading is a game developed by the reliable software company with global appeal. NetEnt is a producer of casino games and is one of the market leaders in this field. The company is based in Sweden and Malta and employs over 600 employees, whose primary concern is the development and production of new hit games.

Honest Online Casino Software

The NetEnt games are very attractive for players. Apart from the games being challenging and realistic, the games offer the played a real chance at winning money prizes. Because, when you play at an online casino which uses NetEnt casino software, you as a player are assured of a high payout percentage.

Payout Percentage NetEnt Casino Games

Learn about casino games developer NetEnt hereA payout percentage is the percentage of the bet that the casino pays out in winnings at average. A slot machine in a bar or arcade, for example, has a payout percentage of about 60%, which means that of every euro that is placed as a bet 60 cents will be paid out in winnings, on average. When you play at an online casino on one of  NetEnt’s games, you are assured of a payout percentage which varies from 94% to 98.5%. Always keep in mind that the payout percentage is an average based on hundreds of millions of playing rounds. It is no guarantee that you will win, but the chance that you will win something is bigger than anywhere else. For more information on this and other casino lingo, visit our casino terms page.

It is not for nothing that NetEnt has placed an introduction screen before every game to let the player know he or she is playing on 100% fair casino software. The payout percentages are all predetermined, and NetEnt has let them be approved by the UK Gambling Commission of the UK and the Malta Gaming Authority of Malta – two of the most respected bodies around. Once submitted, these are determined and no one can have any influence on the outcomes of the games. Everything is determined through a Random Generator. An online casino using this software thus has no influence on the gaming outcomes what so ever.

How to Recognise A NetEnt Casino

As described above, you can recognise a NetEnt casino by the introduction screen which will appear when you load a game. So, when you are playing one of these creations, you will immediately see this loading screen when you click a game and load it. In that screen you will see the Swedish studio’s logo, like here on this site, with the text “NetEnt – Better Gaming”.

NetEnt Casinos Are Easy to Find

A NetEnt casino is not hard to find at all. There are a great number of online casinos with NetEnt games because the games are of excellent quality, and the casinos can offer fair and reliable games that way, which is appreciated by the players. The choice is wide, which makes it possible to play in the environment you want, and take advantage of beautiful games and high winning chances.

NetEnt Software

A casino making use of NetEnt software can guarantee they’re offering games that have been beautifully crafted and designed – being a perfect incentive to iGaming fans.

Aside from that, the games have a very high payout percentage, so in most cases players have a chance of landing some coin wins over continued play.

On top of that, every NetEnt casino offers the possibility to play the games without having to download any software – neither on desktop nor mobile, so there are no restrictions on location either!

Swedish Company

A NetEnt casino uses software which immediately makes clear where the abbreviated name of such a casino comes from. Originally from Sweden, the games developer is now active in a number of different countries, including Malta.

A NetEnt casino takes advantage of the possibilities that come into being as a result of the productions of Net Entertainment, where the focus mainly lies on graphics quality and fair gaming.

Jackpots at a NetEnt Casino

Mega Fortune is perhaps NetEnt's most famous jackpot slot gameAt a NetEnt casino, players have a chance of winning beautiful prizes.

One part of this is their many progressive jackpots, which are available in both a “local” and a “pooled” version – with the latter versions frequently reaching the millions of euros.

In the first case, the jackpot is only filled in the concerned casino, while the latter case concerns a combined jackpot, which offers the chance to win an even bigger jackpot that is compiled by many more players.

That way, the prizes at a NetEnt casino can rise fairly drastically, and are therefore very attractive to many players of varying regions. These jackpot slots have seen NetEnt send records tumbling with huge payouts.